Monday, May 23, 2011


OMG, I haven't blogged in nearly 2 months?? That is ESCANDALO, and I apologize, Mes Anges! (Did you see how I used two different languages there? That's because I'm super-cultured and sophisticated and stuff.)

What do you mean this picture Small Son took of me while I was playing video games begs to differ?

There are several reasons for my slackassedness, however. One is the carpal tunnel, which makes typing for extended periods hurt like the fires of hell are licking my general wrist-region, Futuro or no.

Never forget.

And since I have a WHOLE BUNCH O'BOOKS TO WRITE, I have no time for pain, and as such, must be sparing with my typing. Hence lack of bloggage.

Other things blog-blocking me this month included Small Son getting very sick with The Strep. How sick? This is the pic I took of him on the way to the doctor:

Is that not the most pitiful face you have ever seen? I only look this wretched the day after a deadline. Or when Starbucks is out of frappucinos.

Luckily, Small Son is, well, Small and therefore ridiculously resilient. 3 hours after this picture was taken (and once he'd been pumped full of antibiotics), he was asking to go to the pool. Oh, to be five!

And then, once Small Son was healed, we went to MAINE! If you've been hanging around this blog for long, then you know we go to Maine every May, and every year, I return happy and more centered and slightly fatter due to all the lobster. It's funny how quickly all of us here at Chez Hawkins became attached to Maine, especially since the first time we went, it felt very....well, foreign to us. The Husband and I are born-and-bred Southerners, and we love our hot weather, and our giant oaks, and the aggressive greenness of May in the South. In Maine, spring has barely sprung in May, so it's very strange to go from our flip flops and shorts to wellies and jeans. But now, I honestly think my year would feel off without that trip.

If he'd only been holding a lobster, this pic would basically sum up Maine.

Chilling on the front porch, eating Oreos for breakfast. As you do.

In roughly 13 years, this picture will probably be blown up and displayed at Small Son's high school graduation party, and I will cry and cry. Trufax.

So that was my May! Oh, I also went to the Rochester Teen Book Festival, but that experience was so amazing that it requires it's own blog post...

Until next time! Which will hopefully not be in effing July! :)



hypermak said...

I saw you speak at TBF! I am a young adult librarian (who also volunteered that day) so you were the only author I saw! It was so worth it, you are as entertaining as your novels!

Mercy said...

You know, you can download programs where you talk and it converts it to type, so you don't have to use your wrists. My friend had CTS and she said it helped a lot.

Sally said...

Yay! you're baaaaack! As I was missing your blog posts of awesomeness I instead read some earlier posts which was soo much fun, cos u r hilarious. Sending healing thoughts to ur poor wrists, BACK fires of hell, BACK i say! Oh and glad Small Son is ok - is horrible when behbehs are sick! : )

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