Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Blog of Randomosity

Ugggggggh. So I got all psyched this morning to finally, FINALLY do my big "HAWKADDA TOUR 2011" post, only to discover that my phone ate the majority of my tour pics. LE SIGH. So until I see if The Husband has the pics (since I was constantly texting him shizz from tour, like, "HEY LOOK THIS HOTEL BRINGS A GOLDFISH TO YOUR ROOM IF YOU GET LONELY!" Seriously. There are hotels that do that. It's MAGIC), I'll just do some OTHER kind of blog. Perhaps one consisting of Random List of Stuff That Is Going On? Yes, let's do that.

1) I've been up to my eyeballs in Writerly Work here lately. Putting the finishing touches on HEX HALL 3: PROMISE TO ANNOUNCE THE TITLE SOON, which is both fun and sad. It's hard to believe that I'm more or less done writing about Sophie and Co. *sniff* Oh! And in further Exciting Hexy News, DEMONGLASS spent not one but TWO weeks on the NYT list, and for that, I thank you muchly!!

2)Speaking of TRIPLE HEXXX, I've gotten a lot of questions about is it done, and if it IS done, why is not in your various faces, like, YESTERDAY WTF HAWKINS?? To which I say, YES, the book IS DONE. And by done, I mean I have written the first draft and done the first round of edits on it. We're still polishing it, and then it has to go to copy edits, and pass pages, and what have you. Publishing it a slow bizness. Also, release dates are set YEARS in advance, so even if I had managed to turn the book in, like, SIX MONTHS ahead of deadline (which- Ha. Haha. HAHAHAHAHAHA!), it STILL wouldn't come out any earlier than March 2012. And I feel your pain, Mes Anges, I do! I've been waiting FIVE YEARS for the new George R.R. Martin book to come out, and his last book ended on an EVEN BIGGER CLIFFHANGER than DEMONGLASS did.

He may LOOK kinda like Santa, but George R.R. Martin makes me cry in my soul. Y U NO GIVE ME FIFTH BOOK, GEORGE? (Sorry. The "Y U No" meme is my New Favorite Thing.)

3)In addition to working on HH3, I've been working on REBEL BELLE, the start of a new trilogy coming out in Summer 2012. (That's right! Mere months after the HEX HALL series wraps up, you'll have a whole new series filled with kissing and sword fights and wackiness!)

4) Oh, and have I mentioned that this summer, I'll be writing a spin-off to the HEX HALL series? Because THAT IS HAPPENING! And I am VERY EXCITED! So even though Sophie's story wraps up in Book 3, she might make a few cameos in the new book. We shall see! As for who the spin-off will be about, it's a character we don't meet until Book 3. I think you'll like her a lot, though. Sophie certainly does!

5) This Saturday, I'll be in Houston, Texas for the Teen Book Con! I'm VERY excited about this as A) Houston was AMAZING to me and Sarwat on tour, and B) Houston is filled with extremely delicious Tex Mex food, and as I could eat Mexican foo EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE- which, if I ate Mexican food every day, would probably be something of a short life- Texas makes me especially happy. I'm also happy because I'll get to see Lindsey, who as you all know, if one of my Writer BFFs. Also exciting? The sweet panel I'm doing with Saundra Mitchell, Andrea Cremer, Joy Preble, and Stacey Kade. We'll be talking about the geopolitical ramifications of YA lierature throughout the 20th century. HAHA! Psyche your mind! We're actually talking about Scary Supernatural Creatures (and we'll probably mention Hot Boys in there, too.)

6) Yes, I said "psyche your mind." When I was in middle school, we never just said, "PSYCHE!" when we were kidding. It was always, "PSYCHE YOUR MIND!" which I enjoy since it sounds more aggressive than your run-of-the-mill, "Psyche!" It's like, not only have I lied to you, I have effed with YOUR MIND.

7)The BFF went to this super-rural high school, and according to her, out there, they said "Neck bone!" instead of "psyche." Which just made no sense to me AT ALL. It DOES make me laugh and laugh to think about though. Neck bone. WTF? Probably had something to do with... I don't know, farming or something.

"Hey, Ma, did you plant the tobacco?" "No, Pa! I planted mango trees instead!" "WHAT?" "HAHA NECK BONE!" "Oh, Ma! You got me good!"

8)With all of this writing+signing books for three weeks+stupidly attempting to write on tiny planes, which resulted in bizarre arm/hand/wrist contortions (and the fact that I STILL only write on a laptop instead of something sensible with an ergonomic keyboard), I seem to have developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. This is vaguely sucktastic and more than a little painful. So to battle the painful sucktasticness, I went out and bought a wrist brace. This is it:

Yeah. FUTURO. So I've started saying it's NOT a Wrist Brace For Carpal Tunnel (Because I Am Old And Lame), but is instead a GLOVE OF POWER that CONTROLS THE FUTURE. Support me in this delusion, Mes Anges.

9) TV is going to be very good to me in April. In addition to HBO's Game of Thrones (see above RE: my love/hate for George R.R. Martin), Doctor Who comes back on the 23rd! I <3 that show so hard, even though it is at times campy and silly. Heck, maybe that's WHY I love it. One of these days, I'll do a whole post on how I fell in love with Doctor Who, and how it taught me a lot about what resonates for me as a writer. But my wrist is hurting again, so today is not that day.

Look at these fierce Mother Truckers, travelin' through space and time, saving the universe and being awesome.

10) Speaking of Fierce Time Travel Sexiness, a few months ago, I was lucky enough to read an ARC of Myra McEntire's HOURGLASS. Y'all. Y'ALL. I looooooved it! How much? Well, when you buy the book, you can read my gushy blurb all over the back of it. It's soooo swoony and romantic, but it's also science-y and action-y, and I ADORED IT. So go pre-order it. You will thank me. Oh, but Kaleb is MINE AND I WILL FIGHT YOU IN THE STREET FOR HIM. And you don't want that. I'm a kicker.



Alwyn said...

1) So excited for Anything Hex 3 related that will tide me over until the release of the book itself (Title reveal, cover reveal, anything!)

2) Also super psyched for Rebel Belle, just the concept of shoe fights and what not makes me grin in anticipation.

3) I want to be Arya Stark when I grow up. That child is the most awesome BAMF ever. Out of the two Stark sisters she definitely got all the awesome. And she has taught me one of the most valuable life lessons ever "Stick them with the pointy end." (And! She is one half of the only couple I really ship in that series...when she grows up and it is more age appropriate for her and Gendry to get their swoon on of course. Also I swear to god if she is permanently blind someone is going to pay...anyway /fangirl moment)

4) If I can't be Arya Stark I want to be the Doctor's Companion. I already own a Fez and everything! (I wear a Fez now. Fezzes are cool.) And I would really love to see your post about DW and writing because if DW and Sherlock has taught us anything it is that Moffat has some of the most serious plotting chops I have ever seen in TV. (Are you my Mommy?)

Janus said...

Who is your favorite Doctor?

Michael said...

OMG I am beyond excited for Hex 3! I just finished reading it and I was just blown away with it! Hated the cliff hanger because i just want to know what happens already lol!! But Good job I'm glad the series is ending because i just really want to see how Sophie makes i and i cannot wait for the spin off!You are an amazing writer and I actually I'm writing and hopefully beginning my own series! Maybe you can read it one day =]

Michael said...
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A Backwards Story said...

Since you loved Hourglass that much, I'm even MORE excited to read it!! I can't wait for Triple Hexxx, not to mention the spin-off (yay!) and Rebel Belle (can't WAIT!).

I want to read Martin's series, but it took him so long to write book 5, I'm thinking I might just wait until the 7th and final book is officially announced. ESP. since the cliffhanger is worse than Demonglass. YIPES!

I love reading your posts. They have so much personality :)

Myra McEntire said...



Hannah said...

Well, there is a release date for the fifth book A Dance with Dragons, if it helps to ease your impatience - and - according to Martin's Live Journal - it is said to be July 12 (this year I hope...)

As for release dates - do you know if there is any Kindle version planned for Demonglass? And when and please not in US only? It is so frustrating to log frantically into and then find out "this title is not available in your location (Europe)". It makes me grind my teeth and murmur very nasty things about some people preventing me from grabbing my book. And you know all that grinding and murmuring is very unhealthy ;)

aLmYbNeNr said...

I am VERY excited about numbers 2, 3, and 4!!!!

jen said...

I don't even know you and I just LOVE YOU! Your blog posts make me LAUGH OUT LOUD and I just think your writing is awesome! (which is no wonder I enjoy your books!) Thanks for always making me smile and laugh - and of course for making me wait for another book to come!!

And p.s. I used to run home from school with my BFF and watch Xanadu EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. after school (do NOT laugh!)...I will support your Xanadu addiction any time! :)

Heather said...

Well, Houston is ready for you. Saw you when you were just at Blue Willow, and will be at TBC on Saturday! Welcome back!

Bianca said...

oh my god so i just finished demonglass and that cliffhanger is driving me crazy!! I cant wait for hex 3!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a question about Hex Hall 3 will it be the last book in the Hex hall series??

Please reply.

Awriter said...

I can't wait until Hex Hall 3!

Oh yes Doctor Who! I almost forgot the date it was on until like this morning, I had a bit of a spaz attack.

I have carpel tunnel in both my wrists and I'm only 18 (19 in may). I basically live in braces sometimes,braces and painkillers.Thank technology for Dragon software, though I still prefer to type it out even if it is ridiculously painful.

Diane Kneeland said...

Just finished Demonglass (FINALLY the library gave it to me) AND I LOVE IT. Although I must say, I kinda started liking Cal way more than Archer until Archer came back and reminded me why I still liked him as a character. STILL Cal better get one smokin' AWESOME babe for a recompense. BECAUSE CAL IS MADE OF AWESOMENESS SLATHERED IN SWEET AND DIPPED IN HOTT. So yes.

1)The Futuro Band of the Future is totally amazing and magical.
2)HEX HALL 3 Oh my goodness Mind=Blown
3)I am SO jealous that you got to read an ARC of Hourglass, I want to read it SOOO BAAAD. I found it on Goodreads a while back because it's cover is FANTASTIC and the plot line sounds even cooolllerrr.
4)Is Rebel Belle different than the spin off story with Sophie in it? Is it going to be just as awesome? It sounds destined to be.

Robin said...

SO. I love you. You make me laugh SO hard. AND at my school, we said "Psyche" and-- wait for it... "Eyeball." I cannot explain ourselves. It meant the same thing.

Theresa Milstein said...

Hourglass looks really good. I'll preorder it.

By the way, I have your series a shout out on my blog:

Gabby!!!! said...

i just finished the second one and really want the next one!!!! this is like my favorite series ever!!!!! Will there be a forth book?

Gabby!!!! said...

You need to come to Danvers mass!!! that would be amazing or even somewhere close please please please!!!!!!!!!!!

MattD said...

Just got Demonglass yeserday and finished it today after waiting WEEKS for it to arrive- I needed to order it; I am from Germany.
I'll do a high school year starting this summer so there will be no waiting for Hex Hall3.
Hoping, waiting, longing for new information.

By the way: I LOVED to hear about the spin-off and your blog is great!

Kahori said...

omg, i can't wait for the 3rd book in the Hex Hall triology!! i just found Hex hall and DemonGlass like 2 days ago in my school library, and i was hooked!! now that i'm done with them, i just can't wait for the 3rd. and i can't wait to read your new book. :)

P.S. i tried to find Hourglass, but i just can't. :P who was the author again, because none of the ones mentioned is one that i know of.

Marilyn Li said...

I recently finished reading Hex Hall, and am planning to hunt for Demonglass in my local library. The book is AMAZING. I don't want to sound like a squealy, gushy fangirl, but.... AWESOME. Awshumful, actually.

I also luffle the way you blog, like an ordinary person, not a I Am Too Mighty For You goddess-author. You actually sound HUMAN, like all of us! (*ze gasp*)

I can't wait to find out what the title of HHH (Hex Hall + extra H to make it 3 H's) is! I adore the titles of all your published and in-the-process-of-writing books. They're so... PERFECT!

I LOVE it when my fave book charries have cameos in other series. I can't wait to read the new series - from the tiny bit I've read 'bout it, it sounds really exciting!

(And I feel like a major fail, realizing at the end of this majorly caps-y entry that you can actually use bold and italics... Sorry for shouting at everyone :P.)

Gina said...

Demonglass killed me!!!!!!! I NEED HEX HALL 3!!!!!!!!!!! SO many thoughts/questions/curse words running through my head!!! PLease PLease PLease give me a copy before march 2012!!!I need it! :(

Anonymous said...

i think Sophie should end up with Cal... he seems so sweet!!

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