Friday, May 27, 2011

WTF Friday, Part III

A month or so ago, I was hanging out with my friend Ashley, and she casually asked me, " wanna go see the creepiest house in Opelika?" (Opelika being the small town next to Auburn.) And since I love creepy things, I was all, "SURE!" And then she took me HERE:

To quote Velma, JINKIES!!!

Now, already, you're probably thinking, "Wow. That is one scary house! I cannot IMAGINE what would make it ANY CREEPIER!" Well, Mes Anges, what if I told you it wasn't JUST a creepy abandoned house, but in fact a creepy, abandoned FUNERAL HOME. Because it is. There are coffins still inside. See?


Oh, and a hearse in the garage. That's right. When whoever owned this house fled into the night as I assume they did, they did so leaving a VERY EXPENSIVE CAR behind.

Say it with me, Mes Anges: W. T. F????

Just in case you doubt the terror that is this place- THIS PLACE THAT IS LIKE 15 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE- here's a video of me, Ashley, and Chantel creeping around this creepy house like a bunch of creepers. Creepily.

Happy weekend, and sweet nightmares! XOXO!


Becca C. said...

OMG it is soooo creepy!!! It's just begging to be a setting for a novel, dontcha think?

You should go at night, I dare you!!

veela-valoom said...

I love it! This is exactly like something I would do.

Okay I admit it, maybe it's something I have done. Only it wasn't that old, creepy or a funeral home BUT the door was open so we ended up inside.

(And I know that's trespassing but I'm such an explorer sometimes)

Ashes said...

hehehe! just saw this! Such fun. Man, I wanna go inside. Too chicken to do it without a posse, though!

Tearsa said...

OMG! I used to live in Opelika a long time ago, and I don't remember that place (then again didn't have a need for a funeral home). Totally creepy!

Dave Hawkins said...

That was great. The haunted salad drawer was the best part. Thanks for this.

Jeanni said...

This place is like the ideal setting for a novel!
On a side note: I know you're busy getting hexy on Hex Hall 3, but you NEED to come back into my life with this blog, yours is my favorite author blog.

puppielover said...

Soooo,whats your next book called?

Anonymous said...

That's kinda of nice for those that cant afford to buy a coffin, you know... So they can pretty much just go in there and take one. It would be wrong. But still.

Also, I totally agree the house would be a great setting for a novel.

DanniFilth said...

I've actually been in there, several times! I love exploring the abandoned and this spot is a fav of mine. Both times, at night. Don't believe me? I got pics. Its actually a beautiful place that I would personally love to purchase and fix up one day.

DanniFilth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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