Friday, September 10, 2010

DEMONGLASS Faux-Barbie Theatre

If you would like to A) Win an Arc of DEMONGLASS, B) See some of the plot of DEMONGLASS acted out with Faux-Barbies, and C) Watch me fend off a Demon-Chihuahua, then I suggest you go to Chantel Acevedo's blog RIGHT THE HECK NOW.

Hurry, hurry! The contest closes on Friday!

AND check out the awesome that will be the Auburn Writers Conference! I'm gonna be doing a workshop called, "Are You There Ghouls, It's Me, Buffy: The Supernatural Coming of Age Story." I will probably babble about metaphors and monsters, but you know. In the FUN way!

My lurvely friend Irene Latham is also doing a FAB workshop, and the amazing AGENT HOLLY will be doing a's gonna be AMAZEBALLS! Please come join us! I'm bringing cupcakes! :)

Oh, and once you've done THAT, check out more of Chantel's Faux Barbie Theatre Featuring DEMONGLASS. Archer features heavily in this one, thanks to a convo Chantel and I had about Archer's musical tastes. It all started when Chantel sent me a text saying that "Careless Whisper" by Wham! was SO an Archer song. And you know what? She's right!! I mean, LISTEN TO IT.

Okay, so according to the video,this song is actually about George Michael feathering his hair, and having this extremely wholesome girlfriend who enjoys yachting and puffy sleeves. Then he meets an Evil Temptress (you can tell she's eeeeviiiilll because she's wearing leather in Florida.) George Michael and the Evil Temptress have Nautical Sexxxy-Times featuring The Red Satin Sheets of Naughty and The Mighty Mini-Blinds of Infidelity. Wholesome Girlfriend catches them, and she and her puffy sleeves bounce. She goes on to sadly wear a terry cloth robe, while George Michael is so devastated that he gives up women forever, turns to drugs, and then gets sentenced to 8 weeks in prison for crashing his car while high.

Anyway, this talk of "Careless Whisper" led to me positing the theory that at some point in HEX HALL, Archer was angsting over Sophie, and he totally sang REO Speedwagon's "Can't Fight This Feeling" into a hairbrush while alone in his room.

Just like this.

Chantel took this idea and ran with it in the most brilliant way, so please head on over there to enjoy that!

(Oh, and since I'm the author, Archer's Shirtless Hairbursh Singing of Cheesey 80s Hits is now TRUFAX CANON. Win.)


katarinas mama said...

You are killing me!!! What was it??? The "guilty feet have got no rhythm" line?? LOL!!! The "mini blinds of infidelity"??? ROTFL. I'll be looking forward to the singing-in-the-hairbrush scene. :]

Chantel Acevedo said...

Amazing. Your recap of "Careless Whisper" is literal-video-worthy!

Marisa_Dear said...

I think I love you. Like woah. XD
You're amazingly awesome and woaeghliejglakhnfgljfd. :3
ANNDDD You've had both of my dream Jobs. Teaching H.s. and writing novels? Really? lol, It's awesome though! I just finished Hex Hall, and now I'm all sad-face because I just realized I missed two chances on possibly winning Demonglass. ;__;
Not cool. Except, for ya know, the person who won and stuff. Anywhoooooo, I shall stalk this thing now. >D
Because your interesting, I want to steal your hair, and You write like... well, like WOAH. :3 <3

*stalks blog*

Anonymous said...

hello im a fellow reader and ive never posted a comment on anything i just wanted to konw when demonglass was published? and where i can find it to buy?

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

hilarious :)

Em (Super Reader Girl) said...

Ohmygosh, Rachel! I checked out the Barbie Theatre a while back (loved it!), but somehow missed this angsty hairbrush bit. Ha! I don't know if I really see Archer doing that...though I actually am picturing it now...hey, if you say it happened, it happened! :)

MickeyTheAnazing said...

this isnt about the demonglass faux barbie thing, but i really think you should put your book(s) in a movie. I love Hex Hall!! :D i think you (and movie, maybe) can be the next well close to the next Harry Potter! i cant wait for the next book i and just HEXcited!! [LOLz]

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