Thursday, October 14, 2010


Promise! I have just been EYEBALL DEEP in HEX HALL 3: THE MOST HEXXXIEST*, and if you know anything about the Hex Hall books, you know that I could mean that LITERALLY. ;-)

But soon I shall return, as I have MUCH TO TELL! Like:

1) How I Went To The Decatur book Festival, and Basically Openly Wept With How Happy I Was, And Also Ate Tapas With Authors Who Are Far, Far More Awesome Than Me.

2) How I Finally Met Myra McEntire and Victoria Schwab, and, Lo, Was Surprised We Did Not Leave Decatur With One of Those 3-way BFF Necklaces.

3) How The Auburn Writers Conference Was Filled With Joy and Delight

4)How Agent Holly Came Down For Said Conference, And It Was The First Time We'd Met, and She Was Lovely and Amazing and All I Hoped She Would Be (and More). And How, Whilst Walking Around Downtown Auburn With Agent Holly Her First Night In Town, We Walked Past a Parking Lot Where a Band Was Seriously, I Am Not Even Kidding You, Playing "Sweet Home Alabama," and I Was All, "I Cannot Believe This Is Happening, Welcome To My State."

5) How I Will Show You the Cover for DEMONGLASS (Which Doth Come Out March 1, 2011!), and You, Like Me, Will Be Like, "That Are Amazeballs."

So that's all to come soon!

Until then, I AM SO SORRY for the lack of blogging. Even my Beloved Ben Barnes judges me.

"Rachel, your lack of blogging...saddens me."

Soon, Mes Anges! XOXO!

* That's still not the real title. Just in case you were wondering.


Leigh said...

Your blog about NOT blogging is way more informative than most of my REAL blogs. Or I could just be distracted by BinBons. Good luck, it was amazing to meet you, and everyone who didn't get to should be very very very jealous. ;)

katarinas mama said...

ROTFL. Mr. Barnes does that Judging Look all too well. Glad you had an amazing time and YAY! for DEMONGLASS cover news!!

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