Friday, September 3, 2010

The Decatur Book Festival! (And BLUE HAIR!)

Okay, so have you ever wanted to come see me in person, and actually COUNT how many times I say "awesome" or "like?" (Or possibly "amazeballs?" That's my new word. I'm trying not to overuse it, though.)

Would you like to hear my ramblings on Real Drama in the Supernatural World?


Spoiler: It looks like this. Also, note Small Son hammin' it up for all he's worth in the background. My child, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, and also, we were at a stoplight, so please don't call CPS on me, kthxbye.

Well, then you're in luck! I'll be appearing TOMORROW at The Decatur Book Festival in Decatur, GA! I went to the DBF last year as a reader/fangirl, and it was AMAZEBALLS (see?), so I'm especially excited to be a participating author this year! Nancy Werlin (author of the gorgeous IMPOSSIBLE) and I will be speaking at 4 at the Old Courthouse, and then I'll be signing some books/handing out some t-shirts. Publicist Jenn offered to get me one of those t-shirt launcher gun thingies, but I told her I can't be trusted with one of those. ;-)

Hope to see some of you there!!


Anonymous said...

Holy blue hair, Batman! You're right -- it's TOTES Hex Hall blue!

Tomorrow is going to be epic. EPIC! Worthy enough from keeping me away from Bama's first game of the season... At least they're just playing San Jose High School >8D (I kid, I kid... Mostly.)

See you tomorrow!

Leigh said...

I HAZ AN EXCITE!!! I also am terrible at internet slang, and the I Can Haz Cheezburger police are on their way to get me.

Anyway, I can't wait to see the blue hair in person! xoxo!!

Smileyface=D said...

I just finished "Demonglass" (in the ARC edition) and LOVED IT!!!!!!! YOU'RE SO BRILLIANT!

Snazel said...

Hi Ms. Hawkins! *cringes at awkwardness of salutation*

Anyhow, being in Canada I can't make it to see you in person, but I did want to stop by and give you this award. (link here.) You don't have to accept it or anything, but I thought I should tell you I thought you were awesome. :D

Crystal said...

I will be there with my (imaginary) bells on!

EEK! I can't wait! Hopefully between Me, You, and Anna Diana won't be too scared of Decatur in the

Jeannie said...

I can't wait, my first time at the Decatur Book Fest and I'm dragging my hubby along since all my friends are doing Dragon*con instead. I'm hoping I get a shirt!!

Tiffani said...

I saw you,and I was in complete awe!!! You are totes awesome!!!

Betherann said...

Yay for blue hair!

Anonymous said...

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