Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why, Apple! You're so close to Tree!

Slowly but surely, Small Son is morphing into The Husband. For example, one of The Husband's "catchphrases" is "I got this!" Sometimes he says this nicely, like when Small Son was a Teeny Baby Son and I was literally too tired to give him a bottle. So The Husband picked up Teeny Baby Son, took the bottle, and said, "I got this."

Other times, he says it when he's irritated with me, like if I've said, "You're not loading the dishwasher correctly," he will snap, "I GOT THIS!"

So last night, Small Son was riding his tricycle in the driveway, which has become his favorite new activity. We have to hide the trike in the garage in the mornings because if he sees it as we're heading out to daycare, he will totally lose his shit and start screaming, "BIKE! RIDE BIKE!" To paraphrase from Knocked Up, I wish I loved anyhthing as much as my kid loves his bike.

Small Son was riding to his heart's content last night when I noticed that the water hose was in his path (and let me just say that as a girl who grew up in the deep Deep South, I have to fight the urge to refer to a water hose as a "hose pipe." It's a struggle). I got up to move said hose pi- um... water hose from Small Son's path, but he just drove right over it, flashed me the most disdainful look a toddler can manage and cried, "I got this!"

Sigh. Like one of them wasn't bad enough...


Felicia said...

Oh lawd Rachel. I fear for the future and the children that have come from our loins that will someday be unleashed into the world. Lord help them. lol

Ally Kendall said...

ROFL!! My 4 yo is really starting to spread his wings and some days you can't tell the kid ANYTHING without getting the evil, "I already know that, Mo-oom" eye. I mean, is it just me, or is this shit starting like waaay too early? What kind of attitudes are they going to have when they hit the 'tween years? :(

Elizabeth said...

I have read all those books on your book shelf. I think we share the same tastes. Only I can't write historical fiction it wont flow for me. Maybe later after I finish my WIP (contemporary).
I get you on the catch phrases, my hubby always has one he uses for a few months until I'm sick of it, then he gives birth to a new one. Sigh.