Thursday, April 17, 2008

Y'all. Fer surious.

Ever since John and I saw the Ellen Page-hosted SNL and the skit in which she, along with "Virginiaca" goes to Baby Gap to buy booty shorts, we have been saying things like, "How much dis?" and "Fer surious?" NONSTOP. So check it out!

But fer surious, I am so sorry that I did not post yesterday. I was quite busy as, um, exciting things are afoot that I cannot talk about. Like, at all. Rest assured, all will be told sometime next week (God willing.) How's THAT for obtuse?! ;)

Anyway, I was neglect in my blogging about RTWCYL (NSTW)because me and the fam went out to dinner celebratory about things that I can maybe talk about at a later date. We went to my favorite cheap Mexican joint, Casablanca, or, as I call it thanks to my friend Katie, Casa Bonita. That will make sense if you like South Park. The food was great, the margaritas were even better, and- most amazingly of all- Small Son behaved REALLY well. As in, sat down next to me at the booth and ate chips and salsa, said thank you to the waiter when he brought our food, and generally acted like a person and not like a Capuchin Monkey. As he is 2, I was very, very impressed (yes, he is 2 and ate salsa. I chalk this up to my insatiable need for spicy food when he was in utero.) John and I took him to Books-A-Million next door and bought him a book for his good behavior. He picked out a book on pottying over a Sponge Bob book. Like we weren't proud enough of him already. This totally makes up for the time he opened his ssippy cup and poured chocolate milk all over his bedroom!

Well, almost.

In penance for my bad blogging yesterday, I shall give you one of my favorite and most sacred RTWCYL (NSTW) tonight!

In honor of my trip to Casa Bonita (fun and food in a festive atmosphere! Just...go watch South Park), I give you: TRASHY MARGARITAS. Yes, I talked major crap about tequila the other day, but in moderation- and in these margaritas- tequila is hella tasty. This recipe makes my fave margarita ever, but be forewarned: you can only make it on the rocks. DO NOT put this junk in a blender with ice, as it will end badly. Trust me.

TRASHY MARGARITAS- Only for those over 21. Fer surious.

1 1/2 cup tequila (Jose is the way to go here. Cheap tequila is the devil and makes you do bad things, like take your shirt off in polite company. Not that I would know these things. Anyway.)

1 cup 7-Up (MUST be 7-Up. No Sprite, no Sierra Mist. You're going trashy here!)

1 Corona (Yup. The beer.)

1 can Limeade

Mix all that up (NOT IN A BLENDER!! Soda+beer+agitation= BAD), throw it over ice, and I SWEAR: Best margarita you ever had. Ev-ah!


Amie Stuart said...

I sure hope your exciting things afoot are what I think they are.

I'm making this for our romance writer's conference next month--fer surious LOL

Felicia said...

I laughed so hard at that skit on SNL a few weeks ago. So funny. "Momma! He said I can't buy no booty shorts!"

And as for the margaritas...yep trashy, but oh so yummy! We ARE in Alabama after

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Dallas said...


I am so pumped to have found out about your blog! I missed you at the reunion (and John and Will), but caught up on "Life of Rae" from Tiffany and Mrs. Holman. I AM SO PUMPED about you being an actual for real WRITER! I have known you would write books since you stared writing stories in math class for all to enjoy. I am so super-fabuliciously proud of you!

I skimmed some of your entries so far, but will go back and start at the beginning to catch up. FYI, I have a partial book you wrote, in case you want it back, I don't know, TO PUBLISH IT! I can't wait to catch up.

FYI I convinced my Jon to attend the reunion by informing him that your John would be there to talk to. He was disappointed! :(

Miz G - nano said...

Rachel: Even though I taught you some Twain, I got tired of him fast. You gotta admit, though, at least he was anti-establishment and pretty clever with words. Dickens, on the other hand...

Thanks for making me laugh hysterically (your Neil Diamond piece should be on SNL) and for being a role model for 2Bes.

I hope you are writing your first book dedication with me in it!