Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Those of you out there in Internetlandia who frequent Starbucks or other coffee shops, have you ever felt totally embarrassed by your overly elaborate drink order? I ask, because today I went to a Starbucks and ordered, I kid you not, a tall skinny Cinnamon Dolce Frappucino, Affogato style. I felt like such a nerd. I always have so much admiration for the people who swagger into those places and just order a regular coffee. Then I remind myself that they just paid, like, 3 bucks for that cup of regular coffee, whereas I am sucking up Frappucino Yumminess. So maybe I'm not such a nerd after all. Hmmm...

So today's recipe comes to you from a truly amazing group of women, my mom and her three best friends (all of whom taught me in high school, which is...yeah, a little weird sometimes.) My mom and her three friends are known as Women of Substance, or WOS because once when they were on a beach trip, some random lady told them they looked like Women of Substance.

Question. How awesome do you have to be to have a complete stranger say this about you?

Answer: Very.

I myself, along with the 5 other daughters of WOS are known as WOS2B. I'm the closest to actual Wos-itude because I am the oldest by like 10 years, and have given birth to a person. This gives me bonus points.

This recipe comes from the WOS and is known as Cape Dip not because they wear capes while making it (although that would RULE!), but because they once made it on a trip to Cape Cod. However, in their honor, I am renaming this WOS DIP, because, like those lovely ladies, it has layers (that's right- I just rocked a simile, professional writer style!)

Now, this dip is very bad for you,and, like Hangover Kryptonite, involves cream cheese. Therefore I only make it once or twice a year, namely for the Iron Bowl. WAR EAGLE! Ahem. Anyway, every time I've ever made it, it's a big hit and it's so, so easy to make.


Two packages of cream cheese

2 cans of the chili of your choice

1 small jar Picante Sauce

Shredded cheese

Any other thing you feel like putting on it!

Soften your cream cheese and spread into the bottom of a 9x13 casserole dish.

Open the cans of chili and just pour them on top, spreading it around over the cream cheese (you're dying right now, aren't you? Canned chili! Cream cheese! Oh, the madness!)

Spoon picante sauce and any other thing you want (onions, olives, jalepenos, whatev. I've used scallions before, and it is tasty!) around the edges of the dip.

Sprinkle a LIGHT layer of shredded cheese over the top (a light layer is really important. My mom told me that the first time I made it, and I foolishly ignored this advive because... well, I was 19. I ignored lots of advice back then. So I dumped like an entire bag of shredded cheese over the top, thus creating a inpenetrable layer of cheese. The Berlin Wall of cheese, if you will, and my Tostito could not make it through Checkpoint Charlie. So fight your hedonistic impulses, and just use a handful or so. You want ooey numminess on top.)

Now put it in a 350 degree oven until it's all bubbly, about 30 minutes or so. Serve with chips and cold beer, and I swear, you will be THE WOMAN (or man, any gentlemen reading my blog) at any and all parties.