Monday, April 21, 2008

I Rulez the Internetz!

Okay, so actually The Husband, aka John, rulez the internetz. He built me a super purty website that I hope you will all go check out here

It doesn't do much yet, but I LOVE the way it looks. Check back often for new content!

And hopefully I'll have good news to impart very soon!


Amie Stuart said...

LOL@Southern Fried Paranormal. I LOVE IT!

cyn said...

fantastic!!! yay for the hubs!

~Amber~Leigh~ said...

I love the site! So you! I am so proud- congrats to you and your deal! Don't forget us little people... you can come speak to my kids

By the way, have you read the Twilight series? MY ABSOLUTE FAVE! I am in love with Edward, and he will marry me... gorgeous vamp that he is... =) he just doesn't know it yet, and neither does Chris!