Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Redesign SPELL BOUND's cover!

Bonjour, Mes Anges! I am frantically typing this from my hotel room in D.C., and I have a train to catch in about 30 minutes, so I must be SWIFT! (Although speaking of said train, tonight, Ally Carter and I will be at the Fairless Hills, PA B&N at 7PM! Come see us!)

So yesterday was SPELL BOUND release day, and it was glorious and magical and the best release day I have ever had. Went to 2 awesome schools, had an AMAZING signing in Bethesda, and have enjoyed Ally's company EVER so much. And I hope all of YOU are enjoying SPELL BOUND!

Which brings me to THIS! Hyperion is doing a REALLY fun contest that lets you- yes, YOU!- make your own cover for SPELL BOUND! And I get to judge the Ultimate Grand Supreme Winner!

This is where I'd put a picture of a kid from Toddlers and Tiaras with a pithy caption, but I have NO TIME.

There's lots of fun stuff to win, so go check it out!

And hope to see some of you on the rode!



Delchick42 said...

I can't wait to see what people come up with. Hope you're having a great tour so far.

Danielle Matta said...

Rachel! Thanks so much for coming to DC, it was so amazingly awesome seeing you and getting to have my books signed ;) I'll be expecting to see that picture of when you won that writing contest when you were younger :P

Anonymous said...

i love your series sooooooooo much. i stayed up till 4 in the moring to read it as soon as it came out on midnigt. wasnt expecting a certin persons death or a certin person acctualy being nice but it was AWSOME!

A. Knight said...

AH. So excited!

Lilly’s Book Island said...

Hey Rachel, today i will start reading Spell Bound ... i am so excited! about it

Lilly’s Book Island said...

Hey Rachel, today i will start reading Spell Bound ... i am so excited! about it

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to meet you at B&N yesterday. You and Ally were great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel!!
I'M coming to your book signing tonight! I LOVED HEX HALL soooo MUCH!!! I'm soo excited!!!

Sydney said...

Hi Rachel!
I was just came to your book signing. I was the really starstruck short girl with the red shirt. I just wanted to say that I really love your books and I'm sorry i got so tongue tied. I REALLy love your books!! thanks so much for coming to PA- even though the journey was hard... haha.
Sydney - really scared fan!!

Carly said...

My friend/twin also named Rachel and I saw you in fairness hills!then Rachel saw you again in our school library. We missed what you presented but we were the giggling pair who followed you after school and gave you directions

jennie said...

I loved spellbound....can't believe the series is over. I loved it so much!! I would love to read more books like this! <3

Suzette said...

Mrs. Hawkins(you got some explain to do),
I just finished Spell Bound!I love this series but the ending NO FAIR! I didn't like who she ends with! And then he DIES! And then he kind of ends up with that girl! NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Why did you have to kill him off. I really wanted him to end up with him!He was soo sweet!I literally cried when he died! (okay, I'm done talking about that DEAD person. I'm sorry it sounded a little bit rude, I'm just so sad.)
Nevertheless, you are the author and I guess I can't change the ending. And you are an awesome writer.
Once the book is out for sometime you really need to have some FAQs answered!like why you had to kill him off? (okay i guess i wasn't done)and whats up with Torin and Izzy? :)
I loved it though so what can i say but goodbye to the story!
You still need to show us the story with Cal! I'm waiting for that so badly.

caprisun1204 said...

I just finished the book!!! I was crying my eyeballs out!
It was a AWESUM book except the end of u no wat!(no spoilers) its so hard choosing between archer and cal! Cals so sweet, archers so hot!,this is my fav series along with born at midnight... But I think I like this one better!
Nevertheless, thank you sooo much for writing this fantastic series's... I love you!!

caprisun1204 said...

I just finished the book!!! I was crying my eyeballs out!
It was a AWESUM book except the end of u no wat!(no spoilers) its so hard choosing between archer and cal! Cals so sweet, archers so hot!,this is my fav series along with born at midnight... But I think I like this one better!
Nevertheless, thank you sooo much for writing this fantastic series's... I love you!!

Edda said...

This book made me cry. CAL! Even though Sophie did not love him, she still thought of him as a very good friend. Even though I am a full-fledged Archer Cross (Daniel Anderson) fan, I loved Cal too. What is up with Izzy and Torin?? I really, desperately need another sequel!!!!!!!!!!! PLease!!

alicat2247 said...

Agreed! Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! Please!

cutie said...

I dont belive you ever told us about the cat on the cover. And ya, about that thing with Izzy and Torin. Oh and I havent reread spellbound yet, but I dont think you said how cal new her mother would be there

Rae said...

Ahhhhhhh! I just finished reading this awesome book called SPELL BOUND -- maybe you've heard of it? ;) -- and it was so freaking awesomely amazing (or amazingly awesome; whichever you prefer) I was so sad when it was over. I guess the greatest thing about a book is that you get to read it over and over until you've memorized every line. There are so many things I have to say about this wonderful series; and there are some questions as well. I'm really glad that my finger landed on your book (ew, haha) when I did eenie-meenie-miny-moe to choose what book I wanted to read next. If I hadn't... I'd be missing out on a lot right now. Also, I feel super cool having the same first name as you (hope that didn't sound creepy). I really like how you didn't put an excessive amount of romance in the first book, or the other books for that matter. I'm not all that big on romance novels, but the Hex Hall series focused on a much bigger picture than just romance; or at least, I thought it did. That on top of the ever witty Sophie, the always-right Jenna, the can't-think-of-the-right-word-to-describe-her Elodie, the kick-ass Brannicks, and the awesome story line, my eyes were hanging at the edge of their sockets trying to catch every word. I so badly want to describe everything I loved about each book, but I wouldn't want to bore you with that... heck I'll be surprised if you've read this far into my comment. Like I said before, the ending of the third book left me with a couple of questions. So... what's the deal with Izzy and Torin, huh? Was it hard killing off Mrs. Casnoff and Cal? Will there be a fourth book? The way the book ended didn't sound 100% final. More like 93%. If a movie were to come out, would you rather have well known actors and actresses or some fresh meat in the batch? Last question: While writing these wonderful books, were there ever any times when you had really bad cases of writer's block? What kept your motivation going? I guess I'll end this super long comment by saying, I'm really glad I ended up reading your book by chance. Your style of writing keeps these books very interesting and fun to read. There's humor and wit and sarcasm in every corner of the book, which I'm sure was difficult to uphold sometimes. And I absolutely adore the themes projected in the series. Even though I'm a total bookworm, I don't have many favorite authors. Actually, up until Hex Hall, I've only had one. Now, I can proudly add a one Rachel Hawkins to my wolf pack. When I write my first book, many thanks will go to you... and Sharon Chreech (my favorite author growing up as a pre-teen). But for now, I'll be looking forward to more books you may or may not have in store for us fans.

Anonymous said...

Now all I can think about is that spinoff you mentioned. Is it about Izzy? I hope so! She's a sweetie.
...So maybe I lied. I am also thinking about why we couldn't peek in on Sophie and Archer's castle makeout. (Creepy Demented Stalker Grin) I would have liked that.

Ruuuuuski My Chicka said...

Rachel, I attended the Bethesda with a friend of mine; she's a big fan of yours and she highly recommended your books to me. Well, your books finally jumped off of by TBR shelf screaming, "Pick me, pick me!" Since they were so emphatic that they were to be read next, they were. And they were freakin' fantastic! I stayed in all weekend and finished them up at work the next day because I had to know what happended next. All questions were answered and some that I didn't even know that were there. I normally don't read too much YA, but this was such an enjoyable series; I can't wait to see what's next.

Anonymous said...

Your books are amazing!!! Have you ever thought of the Hex Hall series becoming a movie? And do we get a Cal story?? Can't wait for your new books!!!!!!!

Pandora said...

I have just finished reading Hex Hall and Demon Glass (both in the past two evenings) and I am anxiously awaiting the third installment to get the third installment! I was amazed at how compelled I felt to finish the books as soon as my eyes hit the first page - incredible! Also, I hear (*cough cough* read in above comments) that Sophie ends up with Archer; are you going to write another book with them finally as a couple? Please do! Now that my 18th birthday is fast approaching, I find I don't read as much YA as I used to - but your books have caught and held my attention - keep writing!

sidney woods said...

i love the Hex Hall covers--truly fab! Would not suggest a change...

Fortunately for me, i grabbed Spell Bound at the same time as Demonglass, so i didn't have to wait to find out the 'rest of the story'. Ahhh.

Anonymous said...

YES! Please make a sequel!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel I would like to make a suggestion!! You should really make more books for the Hex Hall series and make it into a movie because it will be so popular and better!! Just please consider it for all your fans!! here is someones dream cast for Hex Hall:

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