Friday, February 24, 2012


Mes Anges! We are less than THREE WEEKS AWAY from SPELL BOUND coming out! I am EXCITED!! Are YOU excited?


As we get closer and closer, I'll have more goodies (sneak previews, some "behind the scenes" stuff, and of course, that Cal story I still owe y'all). There's also a SUPER fun contest coming up that you can read more about HERE!

It will be hard to improve upon this loveliness, but if anyone can, it's YOU, Mes Anges!

But for now, let's talk TOUR! I'm particularly excited for the SPELL BOUND tour, both because it's always so fun to get on the road and meet readers, and also because this is *gulp* the longest tour I've ever done. Nearly 3 weeks! That's a LOT of room service!

True Tour Story: I asked my friend Becca for advice on my first tour, and she was like, "Remember to eat." And I was all, "LOL SWEET BECCA LIKE I WOULD EVER FORGET TO DO THAT." And then, about 3 days into tour, I found myself nearly fainting in an elevator. "OMG WHY AM I ALL SWOONY AND VICTORIAN LADYISH?" I thought to myself. And then I remembered that I hadn't eaten in, like, hours and hours and hours. Becca Fitzpatrick= Wise Lady.

So without further ado, here are the places I'll be starting March 12! You'll notice I don't have times, but those will come soon. I figured the days would be good enough for now. :) OH! And WAIT! There is a bit more ado: I say this every time, but just so it's super-duper clear, I have no control over where I go on tour. Seriously. My publisher and the company they work with for this kind of thing pick cities based on Business-y Things like "markets" and stuff. So while I would LOVE to go everywhere, it's just not feasible. If you WOULD like me to come to your town, the best thing you can do is talk to your local bookseller or librarian, and let THEM talk to Hyperion.

And hey, if you don't see me on THIS tour, I have several more events coming up in the spring, AND four more books coming out over the next 3 years. I'll be all over the place until AT LEAST 2015. So there's that. ;)



MARCH 13: WASHINGTON D.C., Bethesda Public Library (with Ally Carter!)

MARCH 14: FAIRLESS HILLS, PA, Barnes and Noble (with Ally Carter SOME MORE!)

MARCH 15-16 : HARLEYSVILLE, PA AND DOYLESTOWN, PA, Harleysville Books and Booktenders.

MARCH 17: RALEIGH, NC, Quail Ridge Books (with Ally Carter again! YAY!)

MARCH 19: CORAL GABLES, FL, Books&Books.

MARCH 22: DAYTON, OH, Books&Co.

MARCH 26: JACKSON, MS, Lemuria.

MARCH 27: OXFORD, MS, Square Books Jr.

MARCH 28: NASHVILLE, TN, Parnassus Books.

MARCH 30: BOSTON, MA, Wellesley Books.

PHEW. You see what I mean! That's a lot of stops! I'm super excited for all of them! If any new events pop up, I'll be sure to post them, but for now, this is all I know. Can't wait to see y'all!



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