Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Book Birthday, HOURGLASS!!

Oh, what a fabulous day this is, Mes Anges! For today, you can go out and buy one of my FAVORITE books I read this year, Myra McEntire's HOURGLASS!

Now, first off, I have to say, yes, yes, Myra is one of my Beffies. And trust me, if you met her, she'd be one of your Beffies, too because she's HILARIOUS and so much fun. Something tells me they are STILL telling tales of the girl's weekend....er....WRITER'S RETREAT Myra, Victoria Schwab, and I spent in Huntsville, AL back in December.

BUT. I am very serious about never, ever pimping books that I did not love, even if I love the author. Mostly because that makes me feel gross.

Like this, but in my soul-region.

So Beffies or no, when I say I love Myra's HOURGLASS, it's because HOLY SHIZZ I LOVED THIS BOOK. Now, I can never do something as amazing as what Myra did for ME when DEMONGLASS came out (....and now I just lost like half an hour to rewatching all those Doctor Who videos. Siiiiigh.)

But what I CAN do is tell you all about HOURGLASS and why you will lurve it like burning.

1) The heroine, Emerson Cole, like Mah Gurl Sophie, has been through a LOT in her 16 years. But whereas Sophie's main issue is doing magic that gets, um, out of hand ("Eyes of my heart" anyone?), Emerson sees things that aren't there. Or are they? Em is tough without being bitchy, vulnerably without being weak, and snarky without being mean. In short, she is totally, heartbreakingly real and I ADORED her.

2)As she learns more about her gifts, she meets not one but TWO hot boys (although only one has a shot at her heart, which is a refreshing change!) I actually don't want to say too much about Michael because you all need to meet him for yourselves. I will say that he is SMOKING HOT, but also thoughtful and kind. I enjoy these qualities in all boys, fictional or not. :)

3)Emerson gets involved with a super cool secret society for other people with "gifts." IT'S LIKE X-MEN, PEOPLE. That is a way STRAIGHT to my heart!

4)Michael and Emerson have to stop a murder...that's already happened. Oh yeah. TIME TRAVEL, BABY. You should already know how I feel about time travel (See above, RE: Doctor Who.)

5)And last but not least, the book has a FABULOUS Southern setting. Now, here's the deal. I'm from the South, so needless to say, I feel some attachment to the region. And sometimes when I read books set here, they feel less like the South as I know it and more like an attraction at Disneyworld. ("Iiiiiiittttt's...DIXIELAND! Everyone lives in an antebellum mansion and eats cornbread and speaks in sassy epigrams! YAAAAY!") But Myra is also from the South, and as a result, the town of Ivy Springs feels so familiar and authentic that I could practically feel the humidity. LOVE.

That's HOURGLASS. Come on. You wanna read that, don't you? You want it in your face RIGHT NOW.

So run out today and buy it, because trust: the only thing bigger than Myra's enormous heart is her imagination. And you wanna get all up in that. :)



Myra McEntire said...

I love you. Like, the Buddy the Elf singing in a store kind of love.

Like, as wide as the TARDIS is INSIDE kind of love. JSYK.

C.J. Redwine said...

This. Is. Awesome.

And I've been all up in that for years, but it never gets old. :)

Sadiee x said...

I LOVED 'HOURGLASS'! It is without a doubt amazing!! I read it in one sitting... then reread it (and trust me i don't usually reread books soooo 'WOOAHH')

Also patiently-kind of-awaiting the release of Spellbound... Still in love with Archer :D

Jodi said...

Okay...I'm off to purchase on my kindle now. You're the sole reason (that and my 4 kids) that I'm so far behind on laundry. YA fiction ROCKS!!!

Angels @ Work said...

I was inspired by your story of how you found your agent. Sadly, I'm in kinda the same boat. Keeping my fingers crossed that I find the right agent for me before I wind up living on the street because I can't find a job. And hubby (note: I did not say worthless, but that's what I'm thinking...) won't get off his lazy butt to find a job. Hope the Angels are watching over me cause I could use a SERIOUS miracle right about now. Somerlea

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