Monday, February 28, 2011


That's right, Mes Anges! Tomorrow, DEMONGLASS finally hits shelves, and I could not be MORE EXCITED! I actually finished writing it in September 2009, so I've had to wait quite awhile to get to share it with people. But soon there will be no more waiting!! And you'll all learn that it turns out all the events of HEX HALL were a dream! Um... spoiler? ;-)

I also leave for my TOUR OF WONDER tomorrow morning. Sarwat and I will be kicking things off at Anderson's in Chicago tomorrow evening at 7, so if you're in the area, please come say hello!

Also, I'm very excited to announce that my lovely publishers have set up a new website for the Hex Hall series. There, you can find all my tour dates AND read the first chapter of DEMONGLASS if you just can't wait until tomorrow. :)

I'm hoping to blog from the road, but internet is sometimes spotty (or expensive. Seriously, Atlanta airport? $10 for a few hours of wifi?) However, I WILL have my trusty Blackberry, so expect lots of updates on Twitter (I'm @LadyHawkins over there.)

Hope to meet some of you over the next two weeks! And I also hope you all enjoy DEMONGLASS!


Yeah. I did.


Fiktshun said...

So excited! Cannot wait. Will be up at midnight reading.

Congratulations! And love the Les Miserables clip. :)

Linda said...

I can't wait for Demonglass to download on my nook tomorrow. I have it pr-ordered. Can't wait to see you March 11 at 3rd Place Books in Seattle


aLmYbNeNr said...

WOOOOO! I'm totally going to go ahead and read the first chapter....and I'll be starting the rest of the book tomorrow!!

Moirae(thefates) book reviews said...

I LOVED Demonglass when do we get book 3?!!!

Orhedea said...

Congratulations! I just FINALLY got Demonglass in my hands (ok Kindle) and can't stop jumping on my bed screaming EEEEEEEE!

Janus said...

Nice site. May I suggest posting the first chapter of Hex Hall there as well?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I just finished Demonglass... When is Hex Hall 3 coming out again, because that really bad cliff hanger is starting to scare me!!!!


lindalut said...

Just finished Demonglass. What I want to know is when is number 3 coming out. I hate waiting and I love your books

Jess said...

I just read Hex Hall and I have to say it is one of my favorite reads of 2011 so far! I love how fast paced the story is, the twists and turns, and the characters are absolutely lovable. I went ahead and ordered Demonglass RIGHT after I finished Hex Hall, and it just came in, I can't wait to start it!

Anonymous said...

DEMONGLASS was AMAZING. I'm already anticipating Hex Hall 3 :).

aLmYbNeNr said...

Me too! I just finished Demonglass today. It is SO GOOD! I love this series...I need #3!!!

Nikole said...

Demonglass was amazing!!! I'm going to go crazy waiting for book three!!!

ColeCatt said...

Rachel, seriously, I know that you are probably so busy that I probably won't even have this post read, but no way, I am TRULY your biggest fan ever! I got Hex Hall in February and I reread it 8 TIMES in just that month! As soon as I got Demonglass, I read all of in in just two days! I have now reread it twice and so much more has clicked with me!
After rereading DG I noticed that her dad was "COZY w/ the enemies" and then it clicked when Cal said to got to Aislinn Brannick b/c her mom was there I nearly just had a heart attack 2 minuets ago when I think I realized that about her mom! I could be wrong but i just wanted to show you how much I love your series. There isn't a day I go w/out reading a section of the books! You seriously don't understand how much a reply to this post would mean to me! **TEAM ARCHERRR<3** haha but you are truly a genius and if you have any other books with a character like Archer or Sophie, I really wanna know about them! Please keep writing!
-Cole Catherine

Danielle Matta said...

I just literally finished reading Demonglass...Rachel...I love you.

That was so good. Man.

I...I can't even speak right now.

Anonymous said...

As an older reading, im never sure if im going to like YA book's. But i enjoyed this book so much i found it hard to put down. It had every thing in it you could want from a book. So thank you, congrats and good luck with the books.

P.S could we have the thired book now? :)

Kelly said...

We saw you at Hicklebee's and my DD did not put your Hex Hall book down. She took her AR test today so she can start her Demonglass tonight. You have made a reader out of her:) When is book 3 coming out so I can keep her reading???!!!! said...

Rachel, the website for Hex Hall books isn't working here! =(

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Rachel I think I am freakin in love with you. You must keep writing and please try to write fat! I could hardly wait for the " Demonglass" and now I have to wait a whole freakin year for the new Hex Hall 3 and I think I am gonna piss my pants. I am totally right up there as one of your (many) number one fans. I have to tell you though that I am totally unsure whether I am team Cal or team Archer cause they both make me shiver with goosebumps. Please hury I cant wait to long! I think your amazing by the way! :)
Do Archer and Sophie ever do more than kiss in the next one?

Michael said...

Rachael!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think that anyone will make a movie/show from your books? Because I want to be Sophie! Or Jenna! Oh my god I love them both! I dont care! I love you and want to be in the movie! P.S I am an actress sooo I would work! I love you!

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