Friday, June 18, 2010

"With a REBEL BELLE, She Cried, 'Books, Books, Books...'"

Remember that KILLER good news I mentioned in my last blog post? Well, said good news posted in Publisher's Marketplace last night! BEHOLD:

Author of HEX HALL Rachel Hawkins's REBEL BELLE, about a high school Miss Popularity whose world changes when a funny thing happens on the way to the (Homecoming) coronation: she's recruited into the Paladins, a supernatural sect of bodyguards sworn to protect those who will play an important role in the future, and charged with saving her archnemesis even if it means sacrificing her place as queen bee, to Ari Lewin at Disney-Hyperion, in a three-book deal, in a major deal, by Holly Root at Waxman Literary Agency (NA).

HUZZAH! Needless to say, I am SO EXCITED to keep working with all the fabulous people at Disney-Hyperion, and I'm so, so thankful to the Always Rock Staralicious Agent Holly for making all this happen!

And I'm ESPECIALLY excited that REBEL BELLE will actually be out in the world! In case you can't tell from the description up there, this book Brings the Wacky. I mean, if you liked HEX HALL, you'll like REBEL BELLE since it brings similar things to the yard, as it were (The Funny! Gory Deaths! "I Hate That I Like You, But Dammit, We Need To Make Out RIGHT NOW"-esque Romance!), but there's definitely a little more silliness in REBEL BELLE. I mean, someone gets murdered with a shoe within the first 30 pages. Come on.

Specifically, this shoe, the image of which is saved as "Murder Shoe" on my computer.

There are also car chases, and possessed teachers, a Debutante Ball with a pretty high body count, and a nerdy-yet-surprisingly-hot love interest. All in all, I had a RIDICULOUS amount of fun writing it, and I hope that all of you will have just as much fun reading it, whenever it actually comes out! (And no, I have no idea when that will be. Could be between DEMONGLASS and HEX HALL 3, could be after the HEX HALL series is finished. Either way, it won't interfere with those books' release dates, so no worries on that front!)

Again, HUGE PINK PUFFY HEARTED THANKS to every at Hyperion, and Agent Holly, and everyone who bought HEX HALL, thus meaning my publisher wanted to buy more of my insane-o books. You all rock!


Andrea Cremer said...

Shoe murder?! I love it :) Super congrats, Rachel!!!

Heather said...

This is so amazing! I can't wait! Congratulations! And that shoe is FAB!! I hope it doesn't get too bloody in the murder scene. Or at the very least that it can be dry-cleaned and worn again.

Kim Harrington said...

Yay! Congrats!

Anne said...

I am so excited for you! Congrats! I love it when my fav authors publish more books...keep them coming:)

RachaelfromNJ said...

Awesome news! I ADORED Hex Hall!! Do you have an approximate release date for the next Hex Hall book?

Larissa said...

Congrats! Sounds like a fantastic read! :)

Melissa said...

Congratulations! I loved Hex Hall, and I'm looking forward to reading this series as well:)

Lynsey Newton said...

I can imagine the shoe murder as I write...I like it! It's going on the wish list Rachel and I know it's going to be a hilarious read :)

Congrats again :)

Mundie Moms said...

YAY! Congratulations!

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Well as another Bama girl I must say:

YIPPEEE!!!! So excited for you! Just started HexHall - um in love!

This is wonderful congratulations. I cannot wait to read the damage that pink high heel caused! ;o)

Visit My Kingdom Anytime

Jessica said...

YAY! This is such great news! I can't wait to read more of your books. :-)

Myra McEntire said...


Erica said...

That is the perfect shoe to use as a murder weapon. Brilliant choice! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, "shoe murder?!" That sounds kinda awesome. I can't wait!

Ashley at the Library

Hannah S said...

I'm so excited!
An those shoes are super cute.. I'd wear them!
Love, Hannah

Jill Wheeler said...

Awesome title! Congrats!

(Also, the Paladin thing makes me think of Wow, which makes me happy.)

Reverie said...

OMFG I CANT WAIT!!!!! MORE Rachel Hilarity? BRING IT!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic for you! Congratulations!! *happy dance* If I were to wear a shoe like that there would be a murder (or suicide)...but I <3 that you have a picture! *standing O*

Tiffany said...


Rae, you rock my socks off, sister!


Sara said...

Congratulations!! I LOVE the title!

Chapter Chicks said...

That's completely amazing! :) I'll definitely be picking it up and reviewing it as soon as possible! I loved Hex Hall and I'm counting down the days to Demonglass and to this!

JAZZY* said...


Marie said...

hahahaha, a shoe murder! hahaha I can't wait to read it!

Ron Smith said...

God, you are a Total Rock Star.

Julie-Ann said...

OOoooooo...I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice i read Hex Hall and i liked it.

Lia Sunny said...

Lovely, congrats!

Jan von Harz said...

Another great sounding read. Still hoping for more about Hex Hall but definitely can't wait for this one. Keep writing you are so good at it.

Lola said...

SHOE MURDER WAS SO AMAZING. And the car chase was my absolute FAVOURITE part! Ugh I love Rebel Belle, PLEASE tell me the sequel will be out soon. I'M DYING. WHERE'S MY PALADIN?!

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