Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do The "Write" Thing (And, Hey, WIN SOME STUFF!)

As many of you know, a large part of Tennessee has been devastated by floods. The Grand Old Opry is filled with water. So is the Opryland Hotel, where I saw one of my BFFs get married several years ago. People have lost homes and loved ones, and the entire thing is Sad-Making in the extreme.

But what is NOT Sad-Making is how so many people have come together to do something about this catastrophe!

Amazing Nashville writers and human beings, Victoria Schwab, Myra McEntire, and Amanda Morgan have put together an auction to raise money for the victims of the Tennessee flooding, and y'all. Y'ALL. There is SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF up for bids! Agents, authors, and all sorts of publishing types have donated all kinds of things, from signed books, to critiques, to Sweet Book Swag.

Day 1 of bidding started this morning, and I really encourage all of you to go over there and bid if you can! Signed copies of HEX HALL and Hexy t-shirts are up today! WOO HOO!


Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

Wow how exciting!!!! I'm heading over to check it out now!!!

Anonymous said...

When are you comming to florida I want you to sing my book peaseeeeeeee I love your work Hex Hall is my favorite book

Hannah said...

When does this end? I would love to help out!


I loved Hex Hall and can't wait for the next one to come out!

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Anonymous said...

I love Hex Hall it was such a good book cant wait to read the next book. I was wondering if you can come by NEW YORK CITY please to sign my book of Hex Hall.

Unknown said...

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