Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OMG, The Happy Was Brought SO HARD!

Y'all. Y'ALL!! I cannot believe how hard y'all brought the happy. Seriously, every single comment on here brought a big smile to my face, and some even brought tears to my eyes. What was so cool was that in reading all of the comments, I thought, "Yes, ALL OF THESE THINGS bring The Happy to me, too! GLEE! Families! Books! Music!" Truly it was a beautiful thing, and I really appreciate all of you participating.

In fact, I appreciate it SO MUCH that I'm going to take a page from Kay Cassidy's book and pay it forward. We had 102 comments on this blog, plus 3 more on my Facebook, making a grand total of 105 (which blows my mind. I thought I MIGHT get 30). So for each of those comments, I'm going to donate a dollar to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Haiti. Which means Y'ALL and your EXTREMELY AWESOME HAPPYS raised $105 for charity! And truly, that brings The Happy hardest of all!

And now...for the part you've all been waiting for...the winner of a signed (and Happy!) copy of HEX HALL, chosen thanks to this handy-dandy random number generator site is....


Catie, email your deets to rachel AT rachel-hawkins DOT com, and I'll get that Happy HEX HALL right out to you!

In other exciting news, I'll actually be blogging TWICE today, since I owe y'all an Elodie interview. And since Elodie decided to be so fashionably late to the party, she MAY have to share her interview space with another character. We shall see! ;-)


Liyana said...

Wow, I'm so glad we managed to raise money for Haiti. Thanks Rachel and everyone! :D

Crystal said...

YAY for helping out!

Sarah said...

Yay for all the happy but an even bigger YAY for your donation to the Red Cross! Thank you for being so generous :o)

Corrine said...

Congratulations to Catie for winning and yay for donating money to the Haiti Relief Fund! That brings the Happy right there! :)

Rebecca Herman said...

That's awesome! I'm sad I missed the contest though. oops!

Violet said...

So awesome that you passed all that happy along in the form of assistance to Haiti! :) Congratulations to Catie!

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