Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday in The Fort

Some fun stuff for this Friday afternoon!

First off, every Friday, my fabulous agent-mate, Myra McEntire hosts an interview series with young adult authors about the imaginary fort we have created at Myra's house (it's a long story. Also, YA writers are Odd Ducks, which I happen to love!)

Today was my day in The Fort, so head over there to read about whether I'd take a Truth or a Dare, how I like my marshmallows roasted, and who I think would be the Ideal (Hot) Mascot for The Fort!

Bonus: You can win a signed copy of HEX HALL and a Hexy t-shirt! So go!

Also, I did a super fun interview with Rachel Simon a month or so ago, and she posted it this week! Rachel is a sweetheart and so, so enthusiastic about YA, so definitely check that out!

Have a great weekend, Gentle Readers!


Dallas said...

So where can one find a Hex Hall t-shirt, other than in the contest? Also, have you figtured out your book tour dates yet? I want to come visit you!

Rachel Simon said...

I loved your post with Myra. I love appetizers too!!! So good. Sometimes, I eat them for dinner when I am home from college. My parents yell at me. It is fabulous. LOL. ;-)

I of course love our interview and I am SOOO blushing! I'm a sweetheart? You are THE GREATEST LADY EVAR. Really. I loved Hex Hall and I can't wait for the sequel! :-)

Kate said...

Hi Rachel! Just finished Hex Hall for an ARC tour I am participating in, and I LOVED IT! You had me hooked from page one! I will have my review posted soon. Great job, and I cannot wait to read your future books!!