Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You Got Qs? I Got As.

Look, when I started this whole NaNoBloMo thing, I promised content every day. I did not necessarily promise substantive content every day. ;-) Right now, I'm packing for a trip to The Hometown, trying to pick up the house, and dealing with a Haircut Tragedy, so I have to keep it kind of brief.

Tomorrow, I'll be at my alma mater, Houston Academy, talking to a bunch of English students about all kinds of fun things. I've set aside some time for a Q&A section with the kids, which could possibly lead to many blank faces, but hey. I used to be a teacher. I'm used to that.

So until I return tomorrow with Tales Of Adventure From My Old High School, I was wondering if you, my blog readers had any questions. They can be about anything. HEX HALL, writing, the pub biz, Xanadu... I'm open! Leave any Qs, serious or completely ridiculous, in the comments section, and I'll tackle them this weekend! Heck, I'll even let you be anonymous. Go for it!

Until tomorrow!


OfficiallyMRS said...

What I have I NOT asked you yet would probably be the appropriate question. Um.. Um.. *draws blank* um...
Can I have Archer in my stalking for Christmas?
But I think I have already asked that too!!!
Gah. If you build it, they will come.
Ah!! I have one!! I have figured out how to start writing, but what do I need to be looking out for when I am editing?
Also, RE question above where Santa brings me Archer.
Archer barbie?
Have you seen this?!! How DISTURBING! No sweetie, you cannot have the Edward Cullen Barbie.
Edward Cullen- Giving girls unrealistic expectations about guys since 1918.

OfficiallyMRS said...

And now is the part where I look back and realized I just ranted that entire thing. Whatever. You are a former teacher. You understand the trials of us ADD children.

Myra said...

Your process! Tell us about your writing process!!!

Also, uniforms for adults.


Nikole said...

Please tell me that Hex Hall is going to have a sequel!!! ( I work at an independent bookstore and read the advanced reader copy) It was freaking amazing! I read it in a few hours I loved it, will there be more?