Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Tired, It Burns

I realize this is very close to whiffing on my NaNoBloMo, but y'all. Y'ALL. I am sooooo tired! I talked to a bunch of extremely awesome students today, and while the experience rocked my face off, it reminded me that talking all day is. ex. haust. ing. So I'm gonna go pop another lozenge and hit the hay. Expect a full report soon! And if any of you reading this are the kids I saw today, THANK YOU!! You were so fun, and had such great questions, and the tired is so, so worth it!


Unknown said...

Kids make almost anything better : )

Anonymous said...

I one of the kids and i have to say u were awesome everyone loved u ,and we all said we will definatly buy hex hall. From all of us at H.A. THANKS FOR THE VISIT!!!!!!!

Rosa said...
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