Friday, November 20, 2009


I know, y'all. I know. I have failed so, so hard at NaNoBloMo. Siiiigh... In my defense, there was some family stuff, then a sick kid, then books to write, so I promise I haven't been kicking back eating bon-bons, and not blogging! (Okay, I ate some bon-bons. If those Dove dark chocolate heart thingies can be called bon-bons.)

BUT next week, there will be all kinds of exciting content! Like news of...BOOK TOUR! And (maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed!) MY COVER!!

Until then, you just have a few more days to register to win an ARC of HEX HALL at Goodreads! We're already up to nearly 1100 (!!!) people, which is just...yeah, the mind, it is boggling.

See you on Monday, AKA My Birthiversary!

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