Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well, it's official, Blog Readers: I am THIRTY! Yes, yesterday marked my 3rd decade on earth AND my 7th wedding anniversary to The Husband. All in all, it was a ridiculously fabulous day. Heck, it was a fabulous SERIES of days! On Friday, my friend Chantel and I went to the movies to see The Movie We Shall Not Name (but y'all totally know what it was!) There was much merriment, and giggle-snorting, and feeling uncomfortable for staring at a 17 year old boy's torso. SO YAY! (Also, could someone please, please, PLEASE make The Twilight Saga into a musical?? I've been ranting on Twitter and Facebook about how that whole Volutri/Edward Attempts Death By Sparkle/Bella and Alice Race To Save Him sequence DEMANDS to be a "One Day More"/"Tonight"-esque musical number. Universe, make this happen.)

So that was the weekend. Then yesterday, on my actual Birthdiversary, I went to Zumba, where my classmates sang to me, AND I got my very own Sweet Zumba Mixed CD, AND I got to Zumba my newly 30 year old butt on stage, so that was obviously Made of Win. Came home to cake and flowers from The Husband, plus a Most Excellent iPod Touch! Then I bought books, got a pedicure, and had a visit with the Fabulous Felicia, complete with Magical Birthday Cupcakes. As you can clearly see, it's basically been the best few days, um, EVER. I always really make an effort to stop and be grateful for days like those so that when Made of Suck days come along, I can appreciate the balance!

In addition to all the Birthdiversary Awesome, I got some VERY exciting news from my new Publicist Jenn! (Yes, I have an Editor Jen and a Publicist Jenn. And a character named Jenna in HEX HALL. There is an abundance of "Jens" in my life, and I LOVE it!)

Come March, HEX HALL and I will be going ON BOOK TOUR!! Dates/places are still be finalized, but I know I'll mostly be around the South (AL, GA, TN, maybe MS), with a couple of stops around the Midwest, too. Needless to say, I am equal parts thrilled and nervous as all get out! So watch this space for more info!

OH! And the HEX HALL giveaway on Goodreads ended with 1230 people entered to win!! Y'all!! That is AMAZING TO ME! Congrats to the winners, Ellen Schmitz and Hollie Marsh! Will have those out to you ASAP!


Ron Smith said...

Wonderful. Congrats on all the um, greatness.

Lydia said...

I'm glad your celebrations were fab. You deserve it! I'm a little bummed that I didn't win the giveaway, but was quickly consoled when I read about the book tour. Woo hoo!!! That's awesome. And if you come to ATL, which I totally think you will, then you will see my little face in that line to 'meet the author'. Oh and you'd better recognize me! hahahaha!!!

NotNessie said...

You got married on your birthday? I hope you get extra-awesome presents from your husband... it's only fair. lol


Lorrie said...

Wonderful. Congrats on all the um, greatness.