Friday, October 2, 2009

In Which My Entire Week- Nay, MONTH!- Is Made

First off: FIVE MONTHS until HEX HALL hits shelves! Five months!! That seems very, very soon, which is equal parts terrifying and exciting. (Oh, also thanks to Lindsey Leavitt for correcting my math on that. I was talking to her yesterday and was all, "SIX MONTHS!" and she was like, "Yeah, Rachel, try FIVE." Math=not my strongest suit.)

Okay, so I'm not gonna lie: Things are pretty awesome here around Chez Hawkins. For starters, I *drum roll please* FINALLY turned in HEX HALL 2: THE JOY OF HEX (yeah. I went there.) to the fabulous Agent Holly! Which was EVER SO MOMENTOUS, both because I've written my first sequel (See: Turns Out Writing Sequels Is Hard) AND because I have now written TWO BOOKS. Which means I'm capable of writing more than ONE book. And this is good knowledge to have about one's self, especially when one has a contract for THREE books. ;-)

I also discovered that, as much as HEX HALL 2: HEX AND THE SINGLE MOM ate my soul, it was, in the end, a very fun book to write. It's a good deal longer than HEX HALL, and it gets a little darker and twistier, and that was soooo fun to play with. And- BONUS AWESOME- I've already heard back from Agent Holly, and she loves it! I still have some editing to do based on her suggestions before we ship it off to Editor Jen, but it's all fun, "add more of this" stuff, and no "take all this out and rewrite this part before we're laughed out of the industry" stuff.

So as you can imagine, I've been pretty happy these past few days. AND THEN something ELSE completely wondiferous happened!

I found this fabulous article in Publishers Weekly about the Midwest Booksellers Association's annual meeting. In case you don't want to click on the link, here's where it gets especially cool for yours truly:

Rachel Sipress, PW’s junior correspondent (full disclosure, PW’s midwest correspondent’s 11-year-old daughter) saved her highest praises for Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins (Hyperion), a March 2010 novel about a young witch that hasn’t even made it onto booksellers’s radar screens yet. “It’s great,” she pronounced, declaring it her favorite of all the galleys she picked up at the show.

Um, Rachel Sipress? YOU ARE NOW SO MY FAVORITE PERSON! Seriously, this made me clap and want to dance around my living room with joy. Not only because it was something nice about my book in PW- which is always a good thing-but because a real, live 11 year old dug HEX HALL! That's why I write YA, in the hopes that something I wrote will bring joy to kids. And it DID! So yay!

Also, thanks so much to Matilda and Mary for throwing in some sweet comments at the end of the article. You ladies? ALSO AWESOME!

But wait, there's more! I heard from Editor Jen today that the photo shoot for my cover will be happening next week! Huzzah! I'm really, really hoping that I can reveal the cover on Halloween as that feels very appropriate. So fingers crossed! And hmmm...once the cover is out, perhaps there should be some kind of giveaway to celebrate....*rubs chin thoughtfully*


Chantel said...

Yay for weeks like this!

Chantel said...

Nay, months!

Jodi said...

OMG! Does it get any better than that!!! You're SPECIFICALLY mentioned in PW!!! Shock and awe, baby! Shock and awe! I'm doing a happy dance for you!!

Kerri said...

Congrats on it all!! I have this book marked to read (even though I'm not a YA anymore, it looks like a great read!) Can't wait for it.

Heather said...

I just got back from back-to-back whirlwind trade show weekends where HEX HALL was stacked high at all the Harper/Hyperion booths. From my booth perch, I made sure that the piles were wiped out quickly!

Tiffany said...

*happy fists*

OfficiallyMRS said...

Haha!! You are awesome too Rachel!!! I cannot wait to see the cover art!!

Rachel Sipress Jr Correspondent said...

I just googled myself and reading your post made my day.

Claire Kirch said...

And I am Rachel Sipress's mother, and I have to say, she was picking up galleys and ARCs right and left at MBA, and reading them all, so hurrah for you that she liked Hex Hall best. I hope the book does well! Good luck!
Claire Kirch
PW Midwest Correspondent

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