Thursday, October 8, 2009

Extra! Extra! Somebody's Getting Married!

Not me, of course. As far as I know, bigamy is still illegal in Alabama (insert "unless you're related" joke here. Ba-dum-BUMP!) No, the bride in question is my sweet friend, Felicia. Some of you may remember Felicia as The Woman Who Bakes Magical Cupcakes (That Help Rachel Write Books). Not only does Felicia have mad cupcake making skillz, she's also one of my dearest friends, and pretty much the nicest person I know. You know people who can only bring sunshine and love and laughter into your life? That's Felicia. We met seven years ago, when both of us had first moved to Huntsville, me from Auburn, Felicia from California. I was working at a preschool, and Felicia was hired at the same place, maybe a month or so after I started. I didn't know anything about her except that she was from CA, and, like me, didn't really know anyone in Huntsville. On a whim, I invited her over for dinner after work one night, and within ten minutes, I knew I'd made a lifelong friend. For one thing, Felicia is HILARIOUS. We had the same silly sense of humor, as well as a shared love for wine, 80s movies, and books, and we just clicked immediately.

Felicia has one of the biggest hearts ever, and she's finally found the right guy to share it with. Her soon to be husband, Rick, is a wonderful guy, and I couldn't be happier for them. Only thing is. . . Rick is Australian (insert "dingo-baby and/or shrimp on Barbie joke HERE. Ba-dum-BUMP X2!) And since Rick is Australian, Felicia will be moving to Australia, which fills me with The Sad even as it fills me with The Thrilled because she's so, so happy. Still, it will be hard knowing one of my BFFs is a whole hemisphere away.

But this weekend, I'm gonna put on some pearls and some killer shoes and celebrate what is probably my last go-round as a bridesmaid. Or is it bridesmatron now that I'm married? Ew. Matron. (Oh, I should add that I told The Mama that I thought this was the last time I'd be a bridesmaid, and she was like, "Well, you are getting kind of old for it." I was equal parts horrified and amused.)

Anyway, in honor of this momentous occasion, I give you the Greatest Wedding Song Ever Created By Humans and Puppets (Sadly broke into two parts because YouTube sucks.)

I love you, Felicia!


Chantel said...

Congrats to Felicia! Have fun at the wedding!

Also: Rachel. Seriously. That soundtrack? The soundtrack of my childhood.

"Look at me, here I am, right where I belong."

We will need to do a Grease2/Muppets Take Manhattan sing-along soon:)

Tiffany said...

Congrats Felicia!

Felicia said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We had so much fun! Rachel, thanks for making my day so special. I love you bunches mi amiga!