Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taking This Show On The Road...

This weekend, I'll be doing a SCBWI Southern Breeze "schmooze" with two ridiculously cool AL authors, Lindsey Leavitt and Irene Latham. If anyone is in the Florence, AL area, check it out! Here are the deets:

DATE: March 28,2009
TIME: 2-5pm

LOCATION: Florence-Lauderdale Public Library

350 North Wood Avenue
Florence, AL 35630-4709


Rachel Hawkins, author of HEX HALL

Irene Latham, author of LEAVING GEE'S BEND

Lindsey Leavitt, author of PRINCESS FOR HIRE

Also, hear tips learned by attendees of the recent

SCBWI Springmingle Conference.


Other local writers and artists, published and unpublished.


On your work to help you toward publication.

This event is for adult writers and artists in the field of children’s literature

We'll mostly be talking about the "so this is what happens when you sell a book" aspect of publishing since we're all still in the early stages of that. I know, I sold nearly a YEAR ago, and I'm still in the early stages. Such is the book world!

As for me, it's back to copy edits today...


Maureen Lipinski said...

Can I assume you won't be talking about the massive amounts of alcohol required before reading your first edit letter?

Shelli said...

good luck! You guys'll do great - wish I could be there.

Name: Annie said...

Hey! I'm one of those attendees. Thank you for coming! I was sitting to your..right. Yeah your right, one of the members of the quite group. I'm the one who said she gave up blogging for Lent lol. Yeah made a excepion to visit your blog. Love the design! Well good luck with your first novel and writing your second! I hope you don't have to cut anymore words!


Rachel Hawkins said...

Maureen: No, but perhaps that is a topic we should tackle for a future workshop. I think Holly would TOTALLY approve! ;)

Shelli: Thanks! Wish you could have been there, too!

Annie: Hi! Yes, I remember you! Thanks so much for coming, and for stopping by my little corner of the internet! Pull up a seat and make yourself at home, haha!