Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go Win Some Stuff!

So some of you may know YA Authoress Extraordinaire, Lindsey Leavitt. What you may NOT know is that Lindsey and I are living parallel lives in that A) We both live in AL, B) We are both former teachers, C)We are the same height, i.e., very tall, D) We both got 3-book deals from Hyperion, and LAST BUT NOT LEAST E) Our books come out within 2 weeks of each other. TWO WEEKS! So 2 weeks after you buy HEX HALL (March 2, 2010), you can just hop right BACK to the bookstore and buy PRINCESS FOR HIRE (March 16, 2010).

Linds and I are also planning on doing a completely informal "book tour" of AL together at some point, so that should be fun, and full of us being tall, and discussing our love of People Hooking Up in books.

Anyhoo, Lindsey is having a MOST EXCELLENT contest over at her blog, so please go check it out. And, hey, win some stuff while you're at it!

Then if you have time, hop over to Fellow Tenner Christy Raedeke's blog, where she has interviewed Lindsey, as well as lots of other "Tenners," including my friend/ARCH NEMESIS Josh Berk, whose book THE DARK DAYS OF HAMBURGER HALPIN sounds so amazing that I just might have to murder him.

In HEX HALL news, my copy edits got here today, and once I've stopped breathing into a paper bag, I'll be sharing that experience here at Reading, Writing, Rachel. (Seriously, they're not that bad, but there's just A LOT going on on every page, from the actual copy edits, to instructions for the typesetter, to a few line edits from Editor Jen...slightly overwhelming!)

Now go visit those awesome sites until I return!

NOTE: Okay, so since so many of my friends are on LJ, from this post on, I'm posting RWR both on my Livejournal AND in this regular Blogspot spot. (Ha. Spot spot). Probably going to keep both spots open (Spot how many times you've spotted me saying spot!) since both bring different and equally magical things to the party. No different content on LJ, but if you prefer LJ, you can read it there. And everyone wins, yay!


Shelli said...

that tour will be so fun - maybe I will be a groupie so I can just hang out with you guys and laugh :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for jumping over to LJ so I can stop googling your name every time I want to read your blog (since I don't do normal things like bookmark)
When we take over Alabama, let's wear 6-inch-heels, K? Make it a little hostile. (AMAZON AUTHORS CRUSH ILITERATES WITH FABULOUS SHOES at 9)
I just spelled iliterate wrong, but the irony is too ripe to change it.