Saturday, January 17, 2009

They're Heeeeeeee-eeeere!

You guys know what I have?

My manuscript, all edited and stuff!

A side view... edited page! With actual Editor Jen comments!

There's still a lot to take in, and I'll be talking more this week about the editing process, but for right now, I'm going to delight in the fact that my edits are HERE, that Editor Jen TOTALLY gets this book, and that all of this is now starting to feel very, very real.


Alex Moore said...

i've enjoyed reading over your various posts, though I still haven't found information about demonglass exactly. i'll keep searching your blog :) can anyone pre-order your book yet? or do we still have to wait?

Shelli said...

Congrads! Dig in!

Stephen Duncan said...

I just got mine Thursday (3rd round from agent).

What's your time frame for deadline?

Prince Balthazar said...

Thanks for posting this, Rachel. Only us writer geeks can understand the excitement.

Good luck on your edits.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am too ecstatic for you!