Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Books A Million- 3, Me- 0

And so my war with our local Books A Million continues. Okay, so they don't know we're at war, but whatever. We SO are.

I believe I mentioned that I had to refrain from purchasing Lauren Myracle's Bliss a few weeks ago because the book was out on the BAM shelves before it's release date, and if you love an author, you wait until his/her release date to buy the book.

So I waited until last Tuesday, 9/23, to go buy the book.

It was not there.

I went up to the counter and asked the (admittedly super nice) lady there if they had it in the back or something.

She looks it up on the computer and says that no, they do not have it. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: But you had it last week.

Her: Nope. In fact, it says we're not going to stock that particular title.

Me: But she's a New York Times Bestselling author. And you have every other book she's ever written in stock. Oh, and also, you had Bliss here last week!

Her: The computer says we've never had it, and we're never going to get it.

Me: Your computer is a lying liar who lies.

Her: ... Um, you could order it.

Me: Fine.

Her: It'll be here by October 15.

Me: Awesome.

So I slumped out of the store, sadly bookless.

Cut to today, when I return to Books A Million to purchase the new Neil Gaiman.

It was not there.

I decided that I'd go up to the front and see if Bliss had by any chance come in early since I was already in the bookstore and all. And on my way to the cashier, what do I see?

AND ENTIRE DISPLAY TABLE OF BLISS! You know, the book they were never, ever going to carry, not in a million years, must order it, and then wait a month.

So I snatched up a copy. I guess when the copy they ordered comes in, they can just stick it on the table with the other thirty or so copies they had.

And let me just say, in the weeks before Demonglass comes out, lo, many years hence (January 2010! Tell your friends!) I will be stalking that store like a ninja.

You have won several battles, Books A Million. But I? I shall win the war.


Serenity said...

That is craziness. How did you not scream at someone?

Also, I feel I should already know the answer to this, but what about pre-ordering on Amazon? That counts as the first week of sales, right?

lauren myracle said...

That is so weird. But you! You are a sweetie. Hope you like the book. There's a trailer up on YouTube if you wanna see it...