Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quick Reminder!

Bonjour, Mes Anges! I hope you're well! I'm...well, I'm busting my a$$ to wrap up HEX HALL 3: TRIPLE HEXXX, so that's why I've been so off the grid. BUT it will be OFF MY DESK within the next week, and when I come back...oh, the treats I have for you, Lurvely Blog Readers!

But for now, I wanted to drop by and remind you that the giveaway to win one of FIVE ARCS OF DEMONGLASS ends at 12AM November 23!! So if you haven't registered, please go do so! (And I'm SO SORRY about the "only available in the US" thing!!)

And before I go, have some thing I enjoy!

My Beloved Casp- er, Ben Barnes turns on some Christmas lights in London, and looks verra verra nice while doing so. Please note me resisting any jokes involving "turning things on."

Oh, look at that. More British stuff. I am OBSESSED with The X-Factor, and think it kicks American Idol's butt in every way. This is my favorite performance from this year. It's all DRAMATIC and GOTH-Y, so of course, I lurve it.

This book comes out December 2, and I'll probably talk about it More then. But y'all. Y'ALL. It is The Perfect Book. It's romantic without being sentimental. It's swoony without being fluffy. It's escapist, and yet achingly real. EVERYONE GO PRE-ORDER IT RIGHT NOW.

Hopefully, all those things will keep you occupied until I come back! XOXO!!


Sophie said...

Got Anna and the French Kiss pre-ordered already!!!! And yes, I giggled at the restraint you exhibited re: turn on comment especially when BinBons is involved. I also thought, hey, what IS wrong with Rachel??? Have you been triple hexed for reals??? :D

PrĂ´ Diana said...

Ben Barnes could totally be Archer! He's awesome!

Julia said...

Good morning, Rachel!

I'm confused. I went to the Goodreads site and it says that winners have already been selected and has five winners names on the same page. I thought we we had until today at Midnight to enter or was it yesterday?

I love Hex Hall by the way!


Anonymous said...

I actually got ’’Hex Hall’’ as a Christmas present, and I just finished reading it. It took me 3 hours only, ‘cause the book was so fascinating and amazing that I just couldn’t stop.
Now I’m suspicious, because one of your facebook status’ it says ‘’done with Hex Hall 3’’. Does it mean there are already 3 parts of this book?
And is the 2nd one possible to get outside of USA?
Anyway, thank you for writing this book, it’s become my favorite! Love your sense of humor.
Well, that’s all, I would be very thankful if you could answer my questions :) Oh, and sorry for my bad English.

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