Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion, Part the 1,000th!

Emerging from my writing cave to let y'all know that HEX HALL is out in paperback TODAY! So if you missed your chance to get Hexy when it was all hardback at $17, here's your chance to cozy up to the wee, more papery, $9 version! If you follow that little linky-do on the side over there ---------------------> You can order a copy online! OR you can go check out your local bookstore! I'm hearing SOME of them have FANCY DISPLAYS like this:

And hey, not only does February 1 mark HEX HALL's Paperback B'day, but it's also ONE MONTH until DEMONGLASS hits shelves! EEEK!

*retreats back to cave*


Alwyn said...

Oooh! Snazzy display! I used to work in a bookshop and always loved when books came with their own display case because it meant we didn't have to do the "We have no more actual display room anywhere!" shuffle.

As a UK resident who has the UK cover version, I have pretty much been cover lusting after the US version of Hex Hall for a while now. This whole paper back thing only adds to the temptation to get the book in a shiny US version *ordering finger twitches*

And obviously so incredibly excited for Demonglass in one month!

Marissa said...

Siiggh were having a blizzard in illinois. I dont think my mom will take me:( I am sooo mad!
You promised us some tour dates!!! I need to know!I hopeing i can go to the chicago onee! Cant wait for demonglass by the way!! Counting down the days!

Angel said...

Yay! I can't wait for Demonglass. I've put myself on a book-buying freeze (no pun intended, considering the weather currently), but Demonglass will be one I break that freeze for. Congrats on being in paperback!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

i saw it in my store - it was goregous. tell me when you come back to HOT lanta :)

Luke said...

Ms. Hawkins!!!!! Its Luke Pfaff, from good ol Sparkman High... I just want to say congrats on the book! It has been awhile but today a group girl came into the Auburn Bookstore and bought your book. Anyways we are almost sold out of them and I figured you'd like hearing that from one of your favorite students lol. Maybe we can schedule a book signing down here In good ol Auburn AL sometime!
Thanks and congrats

Jamie - I'm a guy, btw said...

Yay! So happy for you! I haven't gotten a copy of Hex Hall yet (I know, boo) so now I can save a few bucks and buy it in paperback (I gotta support my fellow Alabamians!).

Unknown said...

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