Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Books That You Will Like (Part 1)

Dearest Blog Readers: Y'all may not be as nerdy as me, and therefore not spend nearly as much time watching public television as I do, but a few years ago, The Husband and were watching PBS, and we came across a show called "Sandwiches That You Will Like." This is obviously the most brilliant title for anything ever. It's right up there with "Snakes on a Plane" in terms of just putting everything the show/movie will be about right there in the title.

In homage, I decided to give today's blog a similar title. I've been talking a lot about writing here on Reading Writing Rachel, so it occurred to me that maybe I should talk about READING for once. Summertime is my favorite time for reading, hearkening back to when I was Wee Nerdy Rachel, and spent all the hot months holed up in my room/my Grammy's basement/anywhere that was dark and had air conditioning, reading my wee nerdy eyes out. So for the rest of this week, I'll be talking about the books I've enjoyed thus far this summer!

HIS AT NIGHT, Sherry Thomas

I Pink Puffy Heart Sherry Thomas's books. For once thing, she writes romance novels set in the Victorian era, and I am OBSESSED with the Victorian era. Her books also tend to feature complicated people dealing with complex relationships, and that will always make me happy. As I've stated before, I am not a big fan of the whole, "I Saw You Across The Room, and Lo, Your Hair Did Shine, and My Loins Did Tingle, and It Is ON LIKE WHOA" style of romance. I prefer "I Like You and Would Also Maybe Like to Do The Sexy-Times With You, But We Have Some Issues to Work Out, No, Seriously, I Do Not Care How Shiny Your Hair Is."

Anyway, Sherry Thomas is very good at these kinds of romances, and HIS AT NIGHT is pretty freakin' sweet. It's SO sweet that I would act out scenes from it with Barbie dolls, but that might cause Mattel to sue the yoga pants off of me. Instead, I'll give you Major Oversimplification Theatre (With Occasional LOLCat Speak.)

LORD VERE: What up? I am spy/aristocrat faking being extremely stupid so as to better be a spy/aristocrat! It's all very Scarlet Pimpernel, and therefore fabulous!

ELISSANDE: I have a majorly awesome name and live with my evil uncle and my frail, laudanum addicted aunt. Life basically sucks out loud for me. To combat this, I read lots of travel guides and smile even though I want to die inside.

RACHEL: I think I may love you two...

THE PLOT: *shenanigans* *rats* *British country house escapades*

LORD VERE: Oh my! Thanks to the plot, I have ended up staying in Elissande's home while her uncle is away! I would very much like to kiss her on her pretty face, but I am investigating her evil uncle, and thus must keep up my ruse of stupidity. *does stupid stuff, says stupid things*

ELISSANDE: Damn. That guy is hot, but so, so stupid. Too bad, because I am thinking that marrying a rich dude might be the perfect way to get me and my sad aunt outta here. 'Sup Lord Vere's innocent, but also rich brother?

LORD VERE: *smolders*

NOTE FROM ELISSANDE: "Dear Lord Vere's Innocent But Also Rich Brother: Please to be meeting me in the parlor at midnight where I can show you some...um...art, or something else that is totaly not my naked body, thus making you have to marry me, what with the compromising position and all. Looooove, Elissande."

LORD VERE: *finds note* Trollop! I shall go confront her, and keep her from ensnaring my brother!

ELISSANDE: Mother Trucker. Was so hoping that brother whose IQ is actually higher than his shoe size would show up. But if I don't get married, my evil uncle will just keep torturing my sad aunt, and we'll be trapped here forever. Let's do this. UNEXPECTED NAKEDNESS IS UNEXPECTED!

LORD VERE: ZOMGWTFBBQ! *flails, runs, knocks over furniture, pulls naked Elissande on top of him*

: Shame, shame, we know your name! To the chapel!

LORD VERE:... Balls.

ELISSANDE: YAY! But also...boooo! Am married to idiot, and also have residual guilt for trapping said idiot into marriage.

LORD VERE: Gah! Keeping up my "I Am A Total Moron" ruse AND spying on bad guys AND not doing the sexy-times with my new, scheming bride is quite taxing!

THE PLOT: *gets all sexy* *and then gets twisty* *and then gets sexy and twisty and poignant*


Seriously, if you like well-crafted historical romance, and shenanigans, and Sexy-Times, I cannot recommend HIS AT NIGHT ENOUGH. So good!

Tomorrow, I will be talking about yet another book set in the Victorian era, and will also introduce my new fictional husband...

Don't look at me like that, Caspian. We never said we were exclusive!


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

LOL Sold! I must put this on my TBR pile:-)

Anne said...

"I Like You and Would Also Maybe Like to Do The Sexy-Times With You, ...Seriously, I Do Not Care How Shiny Your Hair Is."

I freaking love this! lol I am reading your blog at work and I literally laughed out loud and then made some strange snort before smacking my hand over my mouth to stiffel my giggles! lol

Oh Rachel....you slay me lol

Jade said...

You, my dear, are awesomesauce.

That is all.

Julie-Ann said...

My school lunch days were spent spoiling my eyes over huge (according to my alliterate classmates) romance novels as soon as I was deemed old enough for my Mom not to mind me sneaking them out of the house.

I now wear glasses and read romances only at night, more comfy that way.

Oh and you slay me with the whole "My Loins Did Tingle, and It Is ON LIKE WHOA" made my giggle like a teenager. I agree with you though but they make me want to bang my head against something solid when they act like idiots when the truth is staring them in the face (I could elaborate but it would take too long and turn into a rant, just remember a very frustrating book you read and you'll know what I'm talking about).

Ashes said...

Must. Read. This. Book. Seriously sounds perfect. I haven't read a good HistRom in forever.

Loved your summary, too. Put me in mind of Eddie Izzard's "Let Us Kiss With Tongues!"


Tashya said...

Hey Rachel, this is one of the funniest posts ever. I will read the book solely based on your post!

melannie skoob said...

THE PLOT: *gets all sexy* *and then gets twisty* *and then gets sexy and twisty and poignant*

uuh me likes this *giggles* *turns and check mom is not looking at me*

Yes! I love this *more giggles*

Anonymous said...

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Ricki said...

Haha. This made me laugh sooooo much. Hilarious. It sounds like a great book, I might just go out and read it now. XD

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