Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I love how I keep dropping by my blog only to post links. Sorry! More substantive stuff to come, I promise.

Anyway, if you haven't been by the Made of Win and Smothered in Excellent Sauce site that is The Tenners, hie thee hence! We've teamed up with the 2009 "Debs" to do author interviews on their release dates. Our most current interview is of the lovely Carrie Ryan about her book THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, which...dude. DUDE. I bought it yesterday, and I'm almost finished with it. In fact, I KEPT READING last night despite feeling a migraine coming on. That's how good it is. Two words: Zombie Apocolypse.

Also, four more words: LOOK AT THIS COVER!

How gorge is that? The interview with Carrie is very fun and informative, and was conducted by the equally lovely Dawn Metcalf, whose book SKIN AND BONES comes out...duh, in 2010. Keep an eye out for her, because she's gonna be HUGE, I tell you!

In May, I'll be doing my own interview, which will be both on The Tenners and on this here blog. I have the privelege of talking with Sarah Cross about her kick-ass debut, DULL BOY. Sarah and I share a mutual love for superheros and the TV show Supernatural- and various other superthings, no doubt- so it should be a lot of fun!

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we love carrie!!!