Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me!

I know, 2 posts in one day! Your mind is blown, isn't it? But this is a really short one. I just realized that today is the one year anniversary of me telling the Black Hole of Suck to suck it, and embarking on my journey as a writer. It's crazy to think that one year ago today, I was excited and scared half to death and emotionally exhausted and elated all at once. And now here I am, doing what I always wanted to do, and so much happier for it.

So if there are any of you out there hating your job right now, please feel free to quit today. ;) Or, you know, at least do something subversive, like steal some pens, or flip your boss the bird under your desk. When his back is turned.

(Note: I did not make this cake. I have no idea what sort of anniversary this person was celebrating, but I find this cake hilarious. I really hope it was their wedding anniversary, because you know that went over well. " rock? what about me? Don't I rock, too? Would it've killed you to write WE rock? Damn, I wish I hadn't married you."


Felicia said...

Happy "Follow your dreams" Anniversary. I knew you could do it! I love you and can't wait for the 18th. You rock, wait, um...I WE ROCK! yeah..that's it.

Prince Balthazar said...

Way to go Rachel. Congrats for you on pursuing your dream. You have no idea how close I am to quitting today. I've been talking about it on my blog for weeks. People have given me a lot of support, esp, my wife.

I still need to do it though.
And, uh, get an agent.
And sell a book.

That's all.

Rachel Hawkins said...

It's a tough thing, Balthazar, that's for sure! And it's awesome that your wife is supportive; I NEVER would've had the guts to quit if The Husband hadn't been on board (and also given me his retirement fund!)I hope everything works out for you!

Sending happy agent-getting/book deal landing vibes your way!