Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion

So later today I'll be continuing my blogs about getting published, but before I do that, I HAD to post a link.

I was Googling myself this morning- ooh, dirty! (Sorry. That joke will never get old to me!)- and ran across this little mention on a sci-fi site! TOO COOL! And this here little blog even gets a shoutout!

Also, this is a VERY good lesson on why you should always have the most flattering picture you can find on your blog! You never know who's going to use it! I mean, what if I'd had a picture of me, like, drinking a beer with all of my pale skin on display at the beach? A picture like this one:

I mean, what if THAT picture was all on the interwebz where people could see it? Man, that would be AWF-

Oh. Wait.



cindy said...

haha! CONGRATS on your AWESOME three book deal with hyprerion AND the announcement--finally! i am so thrilled for you! and i cannot wait to read--what an amazing journey to have led to this!

Anonymous said...

How funny. I found this site through the SF Scope article that is then the first thing mentioned on this site...kind of like being stuck on the infinite Ouroboros.


Congratulations! (I, too, am a new author waiting for my trilogy to come out from Tor.)

Anonymous said...

I bet I'm more translucent than you!

Anonymous said...


I am trying to reach you about your books but am not finding an email here. Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience. :)

racoo. smith at gmail. com (no spaces)

Thanks so much!


Dallas said...

When you gave a link to that sci-fi website, I was thinking I would click on it, and have to search to find the part about you (no offense). But what do I see when the page loads? RACHEL right there in front of my eyes! Awesome chica! YOU ARE FAMOUS!