Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rachel Gets Political! Oh Noes!

New Book Update: Book That Is Not A Demonglass Book is now up to 6,000 words! Yay! I have to say, it's been a really interesting experience to write my second book. As I've talked a lot, Demonglass was the first thing I was ever able to finish, so there was a lot of pressure writing it, wondering if this was finally going to be the book I saw all the way through to then end. Now that I've proven to myself that A) I can write a whole book, and B) people will actually pay me money for it and let that be, like, my job, I've had a lot more fun writing this new book (tentatively titled- 'cause I suuu-uhhhh-UCK at coming up with titles- Rebel Belle.) It may also be easier because Demonglass had a lot more characters and a more complex mythology to work with, and Rebel Belle is a little simpler thus far. Or I could still be in the honeymoon stage with this book. Talk to me again in a month and we'll see! But for now, all is flowers and sausages (TM Most Hilarious Kid Ever on Trading Spouses) in the world of New Book. It's been a total blast to write. If Demonglass is Harry Potter Meets Mean Girls, then Rebel Belle is Legally Blonde Meets The Terminator. Have I mentioned that my brain is a weird place?

Okay, now on to the politics. First off, let me say that I'm pretty much never going to discuss politics again on my blog (except a little next week during Banned Books week, since woo-boy, do I strongly dislike me some book banners, and there might be an alleged book banner on a major party ticket. Allegedly. And her name might- allegedly- rhyme with Bear A Sailin'. Or so I've heard.) For one thing, this blog is solely for my self-indulgent rants about books and Xanadu, as I think has been well-established, and there are lots of super-awesome politcal blogs already out there if you want that sort of thing. Also, Jen Lancaster said on her blog that she doesn't get into politics there because her blog is like her living room, and she wants everyone to feel welcome no matter what their beliefs. So, you know, what she said. ;)
Besides, I may be a very "blue" person, but I live in a VERY "red" state, so a lot of my friends are Republicans, and I believe the main thing is caring about your country and being civic-minded, no matter what party you belong to.

Okay, now that that caveat is out of the way, I just had to point out 2 Links O'Awesome if you happen to enjoy being both YA and being "blue."

One is from John Green(who wrote the AMAZING Looking For Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines. Run out and get yourself a copy! They're even on sale right now because he has a new book coming out in October!) It's his post on how his Christianity affects his Liberal beliefs (and vice versa) and it's one of the best things I've read about politics and faith.

Then, if you're a fan and/or writer of YA who is all about some Obama, please come join me (and John Green, and Libba Bray, and Holly Black, and Maureen Johnson, AND Judy "The Goddess" Blume, who wrote the first post) at YA for Obama. It is made of awesome and covered in awesome sauce.

Whew! Only political blog finished!

Expect a return to Witches, and coffee, and Small Son next time!


Corked Wine and Cigarettes said...

Who lives in a Red state? You? Naaaaah...

AlObama, FTW! (Hopefully)

Maureen Lipinski said...

YA for Obama! Loves it!

Amie Stuart said...

>>Legally Blonde Meets The Terminator

OMG SQUEE! LOL Two of my fave movies!

Prince Balthazar said...

Very cool. Thanks.

Carrie Harris said...

Um... maybe I suck at titles too, because Rebel Belle makes me laugh so hard. I love it. Of course, my son thinks he's Billy Idol, so I may have a slightly skewed view of things. :)

My Girl "PLEASE COME BACK" said...
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Dallas said...

I am now caught up on all that has happened since you sold The Books, and I am even more excited for you. Although all this is so surprising, it's actually NOT surprising. Crazy. You were born to be a writer, and it just took you a little time to weave through your path in life to get there. But now, you're THERE! So proud!

BTW, I actually AM going to come see you at some home game. I have been carrying the Google map directions with me every weekend. I have identified the difficulty as the fact that Jon and I carpool with his brother, sister-in-law, and niece to Opelika, because gas is so expensive. I throw a wrench in the tailgate/gameday plans by asking for a visit with Rae. However, Jon came up with a great plan: they drop me off at your house to hang out pre-game, and ask you to drop me off somewhere close to campus when our visit is over. Hope this works, cuz I am anxious to catch up with you and John and see how big Small Son is!