Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Loveliest Village...

*Blog creeeeeeks open, Rachel batters back cobwebs* Oh, wow, little blog! You've been so neglected! Don't worry, I'll fix you up!

Okay, so yeah, my blog has been really dead for, like, 6 weeks. Sorry! I was really holding out for my deal announcement before I blogged, but since that has not happened yet (hooray for summer in the publishing industry! Everything slows down like whoa! Although I've heard that it's actually worse around Thanksgiving/Christmas, so chew on THAT, aspiring authors!) I figured I'd better blog now, epecially since it might be awhile before I can blog again as WE ARE MOVING!

That's right, Rachel, The Husband, and Small Son are taking their act on the road. We're heading back to Auburn, Alabama, which is where The Husband and I met nearly 10 years ago when we were both in school there. In fact, school is the reason we're moving, since The Book Deal That I Still (No, Seriously, STILL) Can't Talk About means that The Husband gets to go back to school full time, a prospect which has filled him with ridiculous amounts of glee. After years of teaching high school, and therefore being VERY much under the thumb of The Man, the thought that BOTH of us will be working for ourselves, answering to no one (well, except for my editor!) is...well, it's mindblowing. And even though we have many dear friends here in Huntsville that we will miss terribly, we're very excited to live in Auburn again. As you can see from the picture above, it's absolutely gorgeous- very much the typical college town. It's also about 3 hours closer to both of our families, which is HUGE. A five hour drive with Small Son could be a torture technique employed by the CIA.

It's very weird to think that exactly 10 years after I first left home for Auburn, I'm going back again. It feels right, somehow, and very Circle of Life-y. Moving to Auburn in 1998, I was naive and more than a litle sheltered, and still trying to figure out who I wanted to be (and thinner. Damn you, easily accessible chicken fingers in the bottom of Haley Center!) Auburn was, to quote the uber-lame remake of Sabrina, the town in which I met myself. It marked the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life then, and it's marking this new chapter, too.

Wish us luck!


serenity said...

Hi, Rachel. I don't know why I haven't introduced myself before now. We share an agent, and I have been haunting your blog ever since you signed with her so that I could hear from someone a few steps ahead in the process. (I found you through Absolute Write) I'm afraid I'm going to have to quit reading it now though, because you're not giving me realistic expectations for a first book deal. I'm so happy for you though! To think you and your husband have both been able to alter your lives from this book, and your writing career can be truly that now - a career - really, congratulations! I hope to get there someday - I'm just not expecting it on this first book. And I'm kidding - of course I will keep reading your blog if you don't mind. :) Hopefully we can even meet one day.

Prince Balthazar said...

Well, welcome back. That was some blog-cation! And here I was expecting to finally get the dirt on that book deal. (I have to vicariously live through other writers' success stories until I can trumpet my own.)

Anyway, good to see you back and good luck with your move!

Kay Cassidy said...

Hooray on the move, Rachel! Having moved a lot for my husband's career, I don't envy you the task ahead. But how incredibly exciting that your FDSTBA (Fabulous Deal Soon To Be Announced - yes, universe, we did say SOON) has given your entire family a new lease on life! And to have you *and* your husband both pursuing careers you love? That's dream-making right there, honey. :-)

Big hugs to you and yours!

Felicia said...

Thank goodness for text messaging and e-mails because I will miss you so terribly. Our appetizers and wine get togethers will be fewer and farther between, but it doesn't mean they will end. We have many more fabulous cheezy movies to watch and mini-vacays to take! I loves yous!

Jolie said...'re alive! I was getting worried! :P

Congrats on the move and your DH being able to go back to school. I can't believe how far you've come in so little time. When we first "met" last year (this time, I think) you weren't even writing YA. And now you've gotten an incredible deal which has completely changed you life. What an inspiration you are!!! I am so proud of you!!!

Tiff said...


Gotta love some Auburn!

I shall now reminisce....

Man, those were the DAYS!

Remember when it SNOWED and John drove us out to that other little town (what was it called?) and we took some pictures, but then decided it was really damn cold... and just as we were getting tired of the snow, it melted? Ahhh.. good times!

Eat some Niffers for me! I wonder if they still have those $3.99 burger nights on Thursdays...? Oh, and that chip bucket that was bottomless AND you could choose both tortillia AND regular potato chips... in the SAME bucket!!

When you guys get settled, we'll have to bring Etta and show her around our college town!

hugs and love!

Maureen Lipinski said...

Dude, I know publishing is slow, but...MAN! Must be a pretty big deal if it's still in the works!

Dallas said...

Rachel, I am SO excited! YEAAA! Please send me your address, because we will HAVE to meet up ASAP! You know I will be in town for all the home football games (which I know you don't care about) but that means you, husband, and small son will be easily accessible! Hurray!