Saturday, February 23, 2008


So I had a big time New York agent want to see the full manuscript of Too Near the Glass (thank you, new query letter!) He ended up passing, but he had some very nice things to say about the novel, and passed on the names of two other agents he thought might like it. So I of course wrote him a thank-you email, and about fifteen minutes later, he wrote back recommending another agent there at his agency and gave me that agent's email. So I emailed Agent 2 and got a request for a full manuscript from him!

Now, I always go into these things expecting rejection, because...well, rejection is a HUGE part of the writing business. That's why you have to send out your stuff and not be afraid someone will say no. They WILL say no. You just persevere until somone says yes. You just need one! That said, I'm not getting my hopes up too high, but this is really exciting news because it means agents are viewing my work as a saleable commodity, and that's a big thing. I feel like those people who get to the top 50 on American Idol; I may not "win," but I've made it further than a lot of people!

So please keep up prayers, thought, vibes, etc. They seem to be working!

Oh, and this is the agency is question: Go there and check out some of their clients and you'll understand why I'm freaking out.



Felicia said...

You're too funny. It's the mindset of " At least I'm getting rejected by the best!" lol It is such a big start thought because people ARE reading it who have major connections. That being said, this is sooo exciting,and nerve-wracking. *sending good vibes*

benjibopper said...

congrats! as a writer i know how hard it is to get that far. i've got a manuscript sitting around angry at me for being so afraid to just submit the damn thing. anyway, sounds like a great breakthrough for you.

btw, i come here via marva's blog.

cyn said...

i am keeping all digits crossed for you! this is indeed very very exciting news! good luck!!!!!

you are right about keeping just enough hope to keep going and but not so much you'll die if you get a no. it's such a tricky balance!