Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hi, there! Welcome to Reading Writing Rachel! I created this blog for the same reason anyone creates a blog- to talk obsessively about ME ME ME!

Okay, that's not 100% true. Although I am an only child, so, you know, it's at least 10% true.

The real reason for this blog is to chronicle my attempts to finally Write The Damn Book. I think it's safe to say I've been a writer since I was about four. That's when I started creating my best Barbie storylines, including one in which Ken kidnapped Barbie's kids, and then slipped a hallucinogenic drug into the water supply of her neighborhood so that everyone believed the kids had been abducted by aliens. No, seriously.

Ever since then, I've loved making up stories, although my plots are a little...tamer now. Since I was about 16 or so, I've probably attempted to write about 50 books. The most I've ever written before now was about 75 pages of a romance novel in college. The least I've ever written was, literally, one sentence.

But now I'm about 150 pages into my first YA novel. It's a sort of Southern Fried Paranormal, or, as I like to say, it's like Flannery O'Connor and Anne Rice had a baby (you know- with science) and then gave that baby to Meg Cabot to raise. That baby would be my book. It's kind of crazy and all over the place right now, but it's finally beginning to resemble an Actual Book.

So this blog is my attempt to document the incredibly frustrating and rewarding process of Writing The Damn Book. It's also where I will probably rant about how hard that is and how doing other things, such as watching epic amounts of Food Network, seem much more fun than writing. I'll also probably have the occasional fun poll. And, side bonus, you'll get my not very enlightening thoughts on life! Score!


Amber Shaffer said...

Don't get any ideas about Pina Coladas on the beach. Remember, we are sticking to beer in '08. THIS is a fabulous idea. Writing has always been frustrating to me. Your blog might be helpful. You know how we're supposed to "model" the reading process to kids. You're "modeling" the writing process. Plus, I know you're cool and we find the same shit funny. "I FEEEEEEELL YOU JOOOOAAANNA!" Case in point.

KatMat said...

Having known Rachel for more or less twenty years, I feel that I am a credible witness to her imagination, ingenuity, and sly sense of humor. She takes pure glee in pushing the limits and is always supportive of and inspiring to others that walk to the beat of their own drum. I have been cheering for her to finish “Writing the Damn Book” for years now. Since she is now writing about writing it, I feel we are really on the home stretch!  I love you and can’t wait to be the Gail to your Oprah!

Molly McLain said...

I agree--great idea! Now I have a place to kick you in the ass and ask where the hell the next chapter you promised me is! Not that I'm one to talk or anything, right? ;) Seriously though? You've got some crazy talent and if you need to rant a little about the ups and downs of getting that talent on paper or the screen, there's no better place to do it than a blog where everyone can join in and poke sticks at you. Or even help, too. You know, whatever you need.

Love the pink, BTW. How'd you know it's my favorite color?

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Welcome to blog town byotch!
May you always give me material to proofread and may I never laugh at the stuff that's not supposed to be funny. Just in case yo! LOL Love you!

Anonymous said... forgot to add that you wrote AWESOME essays for me in high school! Hehe. Man oh man how I HATED writing!!!!! You will be happy to know that I actually kind of enjoy writing now. My favorites are nasty emails to subcontractors that aren't doing their job!!!

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